Add Search Functionality to Projects Tool

Would like to see a search box or similar functionality added to the Projects tool. Sometimes it's useful to search for a project by keywords in its title on a long list of projects, especially if you do not know offhand who the project is assigned to.

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We love the projects tool and use it regularly. As the number of projects continues to grow, so does the need to search by keyword. Love this idea.

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Absolutely!  As our project list grows it is EXTREMELY difficult to find the one you are looking for.
A search functionality would make it so much easier and functional.

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Totally agree!

Our team usually has around 50 projects running at any one time so having to scroll through a list this big doesn't make it easy to search and is very time-consuming.

The ability to search in 'all projects' like you can in 'project templates' would be great.

I'd love to see this feature implemented sooner rather than later, it would make the software much more user-friendly.


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I think a filter / sort or search function for projects (not indivudal assigned tasks within a project) would be terrific. Our list of projects is massive and shared between states so being able to search for the one I want would save so much time.

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any updates on this?? Much needed