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Add Role and Permission to Deal Collaborators

Who: Deal owners and other employees associated with supporting a deal (inside sales, pre-sales, customer success, implementation, executives)

Goal: Idenify all deals that a user is part of and their role with the deal. Also, specify if the user has read-only or edit access to the deal - currenly they get full access with Deal Collaborator functionality - which is a great first step.


A gold star would be to be able to specify if there is one or more than one of these associarted to deal - i.e. there should only be one Executive, but maybe 2 pre-sales users.


I also need to be able to report on these values, so would want to output a table with the following columns:

Deal Name | Pipeline | Amount | Owner | Pre-Sales | Customer Sucess


Value: This will allow us to determin the roles of  users associated with an opportunity - i.e. if my inside sales team is part of the deal team, they are compensated at specific deal stages.


Examples: Salesforce has Opportunity Teams where this is implemented. This should be similar to the Deal Contacts with the Association Labels.

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Great idea! Would love to see more incremental Deal Collaboration features / permissions! 


Unfortunately, the deal collaborator feature is obsolete for us until we are able to set "view only" permissions for deal collaborators, granular deal collaborator permissions seem like the next logical step toward building out the deal collaborator feature.  After that, the ability to restrict the actual stage within a pipeline that can be viewed by a deal collaborator would be helpful.