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Add Revision History for Forms - GDPR Requirement

We need to be able to track changes to HubSpot Forms, and to be able to see the published date of any form version. Not only is this much needed functionality in general, but it is also a GDPR necessity if you capture opt ins in forms at all.

The Hubspot roadmap for consent includes the ability to track what you told them at the time. This is insufficient, GDPR requires you to be able to demonstrate consent, including the version of the form they saw when they opted in. Not just the text, the actual form, they are explicit on this.
Page 34
How they consented: for written consent, a copy of the relevant
document or data capture form. If consent was given online, your
records should include the data submitted as well as a timestamp to
link it to the relevant version of the data capture form. If consent
was given orally, you should keep a note of this made at the time of
the conversation - it doesn’t need to be a full record of the


Revision history already exists for landing pages and emails, why are forms missing this?

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I think is a good idea to be able to see who made a change on your forms, right now in the company that I work for someone made a change and this happened to be in a twelve page form, anyway this could affect every automatization and lead any possible customer to a different action on a services that we do not have. And no one could know who did this...


Revision tracking is utmost important. I wanted to see when people were added to notifications but could only take a guess, also when field and other things are changed it should be tracked and noted. Rolling back should also be possible. 


+1 from me. It's more about tracking and accountability for our team.


History tracking and restoring capabilities are greatly needed. Pretty please, Hubspot, we've been asking for at least two years. 


Echoing that seeing Forms revision history is a must! If we can see it on emails, workflows, etc. we need it on forms. 


Adding my voice to the crowd, I was extremely surprised to discover this feature is missing.


Please add edit history for forms, as well as for CTAs and Site header/footer HTML.

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Someone has been messing with our forms, and I need to know who did it. It's that simple.


I can see the updated date, now for most forms. But I also want the history of the changes, the same way you provide them for workflows.


We had some mysterious changes on multiple forms today. We need to know who has been modifying our forms. Even an abbreviated change log containing user modified and date published (without the details of what actually changed) would be better than nothing.


This feature should be made available yesterday. 


It would be important to include the change history for the forms. This kind of thing should be planned for a long time, please add in your planning!


We definitely need this! Necessary to hold individuals accountable for edits.

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Bumping - This would be a really useful feature.

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Would be very useful to see this implemented. 

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This definitely needs to be implemented, the awful inline forms editor in pages (the one where you choose your form then proceed to scroll past a load of niche hardly used fields before finding your next useful field) also breaks and removes content from the form which then can't be reverted. The biggest issue being if someone adds inline rich text to a form! We had a large form that someone had spent a lot of time writing text and headings to guide the user through the form, only for it all to be deleted irrecoverably by hubspot because someone dared to try the inline page form editor on this form.


please add this feature!! This is a must 

It basic requirement for legal reason... it is for your interest as well...


Our team has multiple people with access to edit forms, and today we discovered a form was edited. We need to track down who made the edits, when they were made, and why. How is this not yet available?


Still a nessecary feature! Another form here completely broken due to a simply history not being available. 


100% agree, I came across this thread precisely because we needed to verify exactly what the form was the Contact submitted, and the Hubspot app was absolutely no help. 

I'm sure there's back-end reasons why it's not possible atm, but from a user/operational perspective there is no reason why Form permissions, revisions, and create/edit history shouldn't work just like emails/lists/workflows do.