Add Revision History for Forms - GDPR Requirement

We need to be able to track changes to HubSpot Forms, and to be able to see the published date of any form version. Not only is this much needed functionality in general, but it is also a GDPR necessity if you capture opt ins in forms at all.

The Hubspot roadmap for consent includes the ability to track what you told them at the time. This is insufficient, GDPR requires you to be able to demonstrate consent, including the version of the form they saw when they opted in. Not just the text, the actual form, they are explicit on this.
Page 34
How they consented: for written consent, a copy of the relevant
document or data capture form. If consent was given online, your
records should include the data submitted as well as a timestamp to
link it to the relevant version of the data capture form. If consent
was given orally, you should keep a note of this made at the time of
the conversation - it doesn’t need to be a full record of the


Revision history already exists for landing pages and emails, why are forms missing this?

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I couldn't agree more. In an effort to hold teams and individuals accountable, it would be helpful to see who made changes to a form and when.


Another customer even suggested receiving notifications when someone makes a change. As the admin of my company's HubSpot account, this would be SUPER helpful to have. View Form Change History; Receive Form Change Alerts

It looks like other HubSpot customers are asking for this feature, as evident by the multiple posts submitted. Here's a sampling: 

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Yes this is a great idea!

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HubSpot Employee

Agreed, this would allow for more transparency and build continuity among other content tools that provide a historic view of revisions. This would be helpful for troubleshooting cause and effect as forms can influence and trigger things like lists and workflows.  

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We'd like an audit trail for forms as well. For example, I believe someone removed specific fields from a form, but I'm not able to see who did so, or when.