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Add / Remove | Include / Exclude pages to | from sitemap.xml and search engines

Not everyone is familiar with the robots meta tags; however, why should the average HubSpot user have to be.

Add an option to exclude a page, gated content for example, from search engines then handle the necessary code on the back end.

The back-end would modify the sitemap.xml file and add the necessary meta tags or maintain a robots.txt file.

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Colaborador habitual

Maybe I'm going blind but I thought this was something that was there it use to be a simple check button to include pages in search and to exclude.

Nuevo colaborador

Yes, please!! 

We use a blog, and our publisher doesn't know or record how to do it or what priority they have to indicate. The same problem with our landing page...indexed or not...

Please allow this action to be less a painful one!!!