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Add Playbook title to logged activities

Hey, we are building a lot of feedback/review playbooks and logging them as notes on our dealboards. For example, if we win or lose a pitch, the team debriefs answering q's in a playbook, this is then saved to the dealboard as a note and anyone can then review that in the future. Especially handy if we are pitching for a similar piece of work.


One problem, currently, when you log a playbook as a note, it just logs the questions and answers, simple as that. It would be really useful if it also added the title of the playbook, that way the person looking at it in a years time knows what they are looking at, even if that playbook has been removed or changed.


It may be that we have several playbooks logged on one dealboard too, so being able to include the title will just add a little more context to the data.



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We experience the same title issue with the playbook, we are doing a work around in adding a question at the beginning of the playbook that serve as the title or book mark for the playbook.


+1 on this. A title or way to sort by these completed playbooks would be extremely helpful.


Hello @MattPutt! We recently implemented this feature in playbooks.  The playbook's title will now be saved at the top of the notes saved with the logged engagement or note.  Hope this helps!