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Add Other Options to Manually Update Last Contacted Property

I understand that you can update the Last Contacted property by logging a meeting, call, or email - but sometimes I connect with contacts via social channels (like Twitter or LinkedIn) or other places like online forums. These are still leads and our interactions are valuable to document accurately. The problem is, our only option is to log these as "emails" with a note, which is okay but it would be nice to have another option to more accurately depict the nature of the channel and cut down on the time of having to enter additional context.


One idea to make this happen: have the ability to create a custom property for these values so users can set their own "channels" of communication to update the Last Contacted Property to fit their needs.


Let's be real - email may still be the big fish in sales, but in today's age there are countless other channels of communication with leads. Only having the option to log a call, email, and in-person meeting is dinosaur energy in our digital age.


Cheers HubSpot friends!

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