Add New Languages for Form Error Messages

Hi there, HubSpot Support employee here!


I keep seeing requests when it comes to personalization and localization of our content.

We have the chance to help businesses around the world, in 90+ countries.

Some visitors interacting with the content of our customers might not speak or understand English, and form error messages might be a blocker when it appears in a language a visitor does not understand.


We do support a good dozen of languages for these form error messages at the moment, why not add some more? I've seen recurrent requests for Slovenian, Korean, Arabic, Russian and a few more European languages.




- Emmanuel

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I want to second this request! The error messages are not translated at this point in time, but other parts of the tool are, and in order to provide a fluent and seamless experience for the multilingual audience who might not speak English we should focus on translating all aspect of our functionalities.

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Or, maybe the ability to customize error messages. For the purpose of adding your own language as you see fit, but also for branding purposes. E.g. a consumer facing, "hip" type of website might want to use a completely different tone than a corporate B2B serious website. 

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We also need additional error message languages:











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How about the ability to easily localize entire forms, just like you do with website pages?

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 The easiest thing would be to turn on ability to edit/localize forms and lead flows yourself. I just realized that there is no way to localize a lead flows error messages...

I have a website with Arabic and Farsi versions. That's about 500 million Arabic/Farsi speakers around the world. It's a good chunk of audience. Hubspot has shows to be very rigid when it comes to customization

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Hi Team, if any changes are made - please also add Latvian to the list 🙂

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Hi, I would really like to see Russian and Latvian added as translations and error message languages. Hopefully this can be added soon. 

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Hello, Please add  also Hebrew language:)



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+1 for Russian please. Or the option to customise the response messages

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Arabic urgently needed - currently displaying form error messages in English, when the whole form is written in Arabic!

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+1 for Slovenian, great idea. We can help with translations if needed.

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+ 1 for Romanian 

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We need to Turkish too. Also, we can help with translations if you need it.

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Hi, I vote for this possibility too. It's not really a benefit if we can create a HubSpot form and want to use it on HubSpot or embed it to other CMS but can't write the error message in the website's language. It's not really about which language we can choose it's about the functionality that allows us to write the error message which we want to communicate.

This request is 2 years old and I think it's about time you hear and help us HubSpot . 🙂
Thank you. 

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Posting on customer's behalf:


Besides form error messages, the Meetings link tool also needs more supported languages too, like Slovenian! 🙂

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Hi guys,


I created a custom module that does exactly what you need.

You cand get it from the HubSpot Marketplace.




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Hi HubSpot Community,

My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to provide a quick update on this idea.

There is currently a number of languages you can translate your form into. By doing so, you are also translating the error messages.


For more information you can take a look at this Knowledge Base article I am now changing the status of this idea to "Delivered".

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