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Add New Behavioral Event Reports

The reporting features for HubSpot's behavioral events are very limited.


The only report type one can create is a funnel report. And on the funnel reports, the conversion % isn't even displayed!


It would be great if HubSpot would a) add behavioral events as an object for single object, cross object, attribution, AND custom report builder and b) Add conversion %s to the behavioral event funnel reports.


Furthermore, I've posted about this before but there is no current ability to track behavioral events at the ACCOUNT level. B2B SaaS companies need that functionality!

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HubSpot Product Team

@toricook we are developing a new API for behavioral events that will allow you to do most of the reporting tasks you described! If you want to participate in our early research, let me know and we'd be happy to connect on Zoom.


@dmastin  Tori's no longer in this role, but I'd be curious to learn more.

HubSpot Employee

Hi team, 

Commenting for a customer here

Regarding this, would it be possible for us to create a way to link legacy behavioural events to the new ones? That's because many of our customers are moving to the new events but still wish to have an overall view of the data collected from the event tool (combination of old and new event)

Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team

any updates on the availability of this beta?

HubSpot Product Team

You can access custom behavioral events in attribution reporting and the advanced report builder. We are actively building a new funnel builder (and more!) to replace the old funnel builder. This new funnel builder will be able to support the new custom behavioral event.

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Echoing the need here.

My current need is to report on multiple behavioral events in a single report (How many people completed event A vs event B). There are some clunky ways to do this with Funnels and multiple reports in a single dashboard but it would be nice to have a way to build a custom report with all the behavioral event values listed.