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We should have the ability to add the meeting location information somewhere on the meetings booking page. Many contacts who book meetings often ask where the meeting will be held, as they don't check the event details once it's booked. I know you can add location information but that only gets entered into the calendar invitation and doesn't appear on the meeting link or confirmation page.

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Great idea, it would be a small but massive feature improvement given that all native calendar platforms (Office 365 / Gsuite / iCalendar) and leading platforms (Salesforce, Zendesk, and others) allow this feature too. 


Editing my comment significantly. I do want to see this feature, but now I'm seeing that my Outlook meetings are being reflected in HubSpot. Interesting.




I vote for this to be developed next. 


This is a very straight-forward API integration.


I don't understand - without a location, it's pointless to even send a meeting invite via HubSpot.


The feature creates a mess because you have to send a second invite when you update via your calendar program...


In the military we called this "wiping half way" - because you may as well just skip it altogether.  Sorry, military metaphors...


Butt... what's the thinking here?


It's a real pain that I have to go into Outlook for each and every meeting to add a location - in addition to being a pain, it always sends another update to the participant, which I deem to be not very professional

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Would love this feature. Have 3 HubSpot Pro clients all wanting this. 

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HubSpot sales reps must not go to client locations for meetings (apparently), a lot of companies still do this.

Seeing the meeting location (which is variable) in Outlook / Google is not just a "good idea"... it's Super-Valuable, helpful, etc.





There is a meeting location for the meetings link but when booking/logging a meeting directly from Hubsport page, there is no location available.

JKalfayan_1-1622223236487.pngWhere will this meeting be? Is it virtual, in person, who knows because there's not a field for it! 

This has got to be implemented ASAP. I cannot believe this feature doesn't exist at all.



Further, when you add this feature, make it like the location field in the "meeting link" settings where you can also add a video conference link. 







We are a Design & Build company and have  alot of onsite meetings and would really benefit us and our clients to have a location token option just like we do for the client name, email etc. 


This is a MUST HAVE feature. How can you offer a meeting function without a field to specify the location of a meeting? Who would design a meeting feature without a location? What use is that? “Hey Dude, lets meet up, where shall we meet . I'm not telling you.” Why are we having to make this a feature request? I really wanted to use HS as my organisational tool, but this fail makes it an inferior product and means I can't use the meetings feature. I did try, but I have many clients still wandering the globe on a quest to find our meeting destination. Some have not seen their families for months. It's a tragedy. Please send food parcels…

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@michaelmcgough and @vxydias 

Unfortunately, Hubspot just doesn't seem to prioritize the optimization of this offering and it's fallen on deaf ears.

Their native Meetings tool is similar to the sushi served at a pizza shop. Does it suffice if all you're looking for is some average rice and a day-old piece of fish? Sure.

But if you care at all about your sashimi, one look at that fish will have you running to order from the sushi shop next door.


I totally agree with Marcus's point.  It's so crazy to have a meeting link without the option to have a token for the address where the meeting is taking place!

I have alot of clients presuming it's a virtual meeting because there are no loctaion details.

Please Hubspot get this added to stop another one of our clients being surprised when someone turns up on site and not on their computer!


Yes Please!

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community,


We're currently reviewing this idea with hopes that we can simply introduce the location of the meeting into the scheduling flow, to provide more context for users when they are scheduling a meeting. We are hoping that we can provide a quick fix that we can fit between larger projects, should we discover complications in this review, this idea may be updated to 'Not currently planned', should we find that we can fit this into our near-term roadmap, we will update to 'In planning'.

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We would love to have this location feature for meetings too,and we also have some clients that want that! It's just confusing when you need to update it again in teh calendar itself.


As well - it helps to have the location information recorded in HS so that we can look back and see where we meet them since a lot of sales meetings are usually at their/our office but rather at cafes/restaruants/bars/etc


This is a prime example of not getting the basics right.

Why would you design a meeting tool without a location field?

Obviously this location field should be synced with google calendar's location field.

Why are you wastinging time thinking about and not implimenting such a simple yet necessary functionality???

It's 2021. This should be table stakes at this point.


Agree.  HubSpot development, UX team need a seriously shake up.   The feature should be extended to 0365, google and all platforms.