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Add Internet Service Providers to Prospects Tools

When we use the Prospects Tool there is a huge number of contacts which seem to be ISPs. It would help if all users could add those ISPs to the Internet Service Provider list or create an own list to filter them out.

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I agreed!


Here's two that would help if it could be added to the default list maintained by HubSpot.


- Fibrenoire

- Ebox




Agreed, many more need to be in the list.


See complete list of ISPs by country:


Could not agree with this more. Prospect emails seem to be 90% ISPs, even with the ISP filtering option on. Would be great to be able to add them to an exclusion list, even if it's just in our own account.


Agreed again!  Let's get this added as an option.  90% of our prospects are ISPs (typically specialised services) would be very helpful to tag them as such.  Especially if we keep seeing the same repeat offenders.  I believe this is a common tool with other intention products.