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Add Internal Attendees to Meeting Log

We often have to log meetings against our Hubspot deals after they happen (last minute, unplanned etc). When logging the meeting and noting who was there, you can't add internal attendees. Given we are often sending two or three team members to a meeting, it would be great if you could add Hubspot users as attendees so there is a clear record - rather than trying to remember to name them all in the notes

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Hi @TashKearney -- I just replied to another thread about this, but we are able to do this in our instance. We have Sales Enterprise so I'm not sure if that makes a difference.


That being said, the internal users do not show up in reporting -- only when looking at the meeting itself -- so in order to report on it, we still need a manual workaround to add the internal user's name to notes or meeting name so we can *sort of* report on it. Not ideal at all and seems pointless to be able to add them if we can't report on it.




This is key yo many organisations, HubSpot team, please fix and notify the community asap