Add Hubspot Contact as field type for custom property

As a user, I need to know the specific Contacts at our customers without creating lists. My customer success team will be looking at Company records, so this needs to be visible on the Company object. 


I want to create a set of roles-based fields  (e.g., Product Lead, Support Lead) at the Company level and have it be a contact lookup field (sort of like attaching contacts but this would be a custom property. Hubspot User is a lookup property type, but not Hubspot Contact.

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 +1 for role fields that can be associated with Contacts

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We love this idea too.


Our deals are added via API and a particular deal will have multiple contacts. It's important for us to know which contact added billing information, which contact do we identify to be the main user of the account.. etc

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I can't begin to describe how hugely helpful such a feature would be, it would definetly help our marketing team manage our deals with much more ease and precision!

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This would be amazing for our sales and service teams to determine billing contacts and other specific roles for the client, both at the company or third party service providers.  Would also love to see this property for companies!  This would help with reporting on third party service providers and resellers we work with on mutual clients or opportunities.

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This is huge !

Who is the interlocutor in this company ?
Who's our sponsor for this deal ?
Who's the billing guy in this one ?
Who contacted us from this company ?
And so on and so on ...

It has to be a must for more people than what appears here