Add HubSpot users as attendees to Meetings



We have a client, where one of the KPI's are attended meetings with leads/customers. Sometimes there are more than one sales rep attending these meetings. 


Currently you can only add Contacts as attendees and not HubSpot users. 


We would like to be able to add more HubSpot users to the attendees list in meetings, so that again their activity would show up as an Activity in the Sales Reporting Dashboard. 



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I agree with SMA. It is not unusuall for sales reps to be measured on meeting activity. Therefore, all attendees to a meeting, both employees and external, should be able to add to the registered meeting in HubSpot CRM.

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When we book meetings with leads and clients, we are often represented by multiple employees  from our company. For record keeping, we need to register who met with the leads and clients when and where and the topic. 


It is currently not possible to add co-workers (users) unless you create them as Contacts in HubSpot - which seem like a wrong way of doing it. 

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This is a big issue in our organization, we need to add  2 or sometimes 3 representatives to the meeting invitation we send to our prospects. That particular meeting is counted in all the representative's account. If this does not happen it would create problem while distributing that deal between the members


I hope Hubspot takes care of this issue soon, and come up with an option to add internal representatives into an invitation.


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We would also benefit from implementing this. Please do address this soon.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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Absolutely critical and important

In technical sales, it is very common to have a sales rep and a design engineer on a meeting

I want to make sure that our engineers are going and seeing clients, so this is a important feature 

It is very normal to have multiple people on a meeting or video call in real life

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Would love this feature! 


Our team has account managers that manage most client communication, but we pull in dedicated marketing specialists, coders, or designers as needed onto our call. We're hoping to get better tracking on how often these specialists are being utilized, by which account manager, and on which accounts. 


This will help us identify how much time is spent on client communication versus execution of tasks on the accounts and identify if more support is needed. 

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1+ this feature would be really important to our team.

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Any chance this is something that's even close to being on the team's radar?

Would be immensely helpful and doesn't feel like it should be that complicated to implement. As of right now, we're able to include Hubspot users on emails being sent from within the Hubspot portal - but we can't include those same users on meeting invites.


If nothing else, I'd be curious to hear what the logic is behind it?




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We are having exactly the same issues. Our team are tracked on meetings, but many of them are missing out because of this problem.


We have created each user as a contact in the CRM, so we can mark them as attendees, but this action is redundant when reporting on the activities of users! 

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This is absolutely necessary! Most meetings that we do have more than one employee in it, and employees are definitely nothing to mix with leads.