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When we create an event in calendar, there's an option to create a Google Meet link with dial-in number - it would be great if this option was available when meeting is scheduled via HubSpot Meetings as well. 

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Hi @dant! Check out @danaland 's comment just before yours. The setting is available to paid accounts, but its availability for individual users is subject to admin control. I think you're pretty much at the answer yourself. If an admin has disabled this setting for your GSuite account, we are not going to override that. The change we've made in Meetings is to respect the setting of the calendar, to keep the experience consistent with when you create events in Google Calendar.


EDIT - Ah your second comment loaded after I left mine. Let us know if you have more questions!

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@hroberts I can confirm what @dant mentioned. 


If the setting to automatically ad meetings links is set on the company level, it wont work. 

Only if we turn it off on company level, and thus allow it for each individual user to set it, it works. 


But I don't think this is a good solution. Since the users in our company rely on this functionality to be automatically available, especially for new users. 

@hroberts Could you please find out, when the setting is enabled on company level, if it is HubSpot or G Suite that is failing to add the meeting link? And if it is HubSpot, could you fix that?


After the API was fixed it only works partly. If a meeting is booked through the calendar link, like here;  it does work like it should.

If however I book the meeting on the contact through Hubspot, and the G-calender sync is activated, the invite does not include the video link.

Only when the contact books the meeting in my calendar.

I hope you can make the second thing work too, then it will be a great tool for the sales team.

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Ah thanks for clarifying that @alewolf! I will run that by the team to see why when the setting is enabled on the company level it doesn't work, and if we can change that.

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Hi @SorenLangdahl - so the Calendar Sync integration (which can be connected to the Schedule action in the CRM) is actually a separate integration from connecting a calendar to the Meetings tool. We only heard from users about the loss of Meetings functionality, which we took to mean that this previously wasn't working for those events anyways. I've gone ahead and filed a new idea here on the forum to track interest in adding that functionality to the Calendar Sync: 

If you upvote that and leave a comment with your use case, you will be notified of any updates and can help us see the need in the user base for this. Thank you!


@danaland , our GSuite admin has turned off the setting for automatically creating Google Meet video conferences on the company level. Now, the events that we create manually in our calendars don't contain them. However, the setting still didn't appear on the individual account level. What did we do wrong?


I'm having this same issue. Option turned off on the company level, but the individual setting doesn't appear. 


I don't care about the setting too much as long as I can get Hubspot to automatically add Google Meet links 🙂


I see that this has been long pending request. And not acted upon yet. I do not see hubspot will integrate google meeting tool in the near future.


I am ready for Google Meet (Personal or G-Suite) to work with ( my) Hubspot. I welcome this to my G-Suite for my bussiness. I need use of this feature now? Is it live yet in 2021?


I ended up buying Zoom. It was too much of an ask I guess for hubspot...too bad.


Yes, this would be so incredibly helpful. We do google meets for everything!


Any updates on the Google Meet link in the scheduled meetings? Let us know please? As an alternative, we are using alternative tools like Calendly. This is would save us a lot of time.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Hi All, 


Thanks for your interest in HubSpot integration with Google Meet. 

We have now launched our Google Meet integration with the Meeting Link feature. 

This allows you to turn every meeting booked in your HubSpot CRM into a Google Meet meeting.


To install the integration, please go to our Google Meet Integraiton Marketplace Listing. 

To find out more information, check out our Knowledge Base Doc

If you would like to share any feedback, please feel free to share it here. 


We are continuing to invest in this integration, and will add more new features over time. 





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