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When we create an event in calendar, there's an option to create a Google Meet link with dial-in number - it would be great if this option was available when meeting is scheduled via HubSpot Meetings as well. 

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I just noticed meetings planned the last few days didn't have meet links added automatically anymore, and after googling this popped up. All worked fine before, assume its caused by an update on Hubspot side. Would love to get an ETA on a fix as this is crucial for our sales team.

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Since setting up HubSpot for our business a month or two ago, Google Meet links were automatically added to the calendar invite but over the last few days, they have disappeared. 


I see daanvdwiele is having the same issue. Has anyone else had the same issue and is there a way to fix it? 


It's pretty pointless having a meeting booking tool with no way to speak to the person, so hopefully, there is a way to fix this. 🙏

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For everyone who is finding this thread since the meeting link no longer autopopulates in meetings, I wanted to clarify:


In the past, it wasn't HubSpot adding in the Google Meeting link but Google adding it in automatically. It looked like us, but we can't take the credit. As this post shows, HubSpot does not have an integration for Google Meets. We are currently looking into what changed recently on Google's end to prevent them from adding these links on but cannot guarantee any changes from our end as this was not something we were supporting originally.

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@daanvdwiele , @lewq , we have the same issue! It's really annoying.


I've talked to Dana from HubSpot and she said the issue is on the Google side (they changed something in their API). HubSpot team is investigating it. As a workaround, Dana recommended creating permanent Google Meet links for each of your Meeting links ( The drawback, of course, is that your contact might get into another contact's meeting if they click the link at a wrong time.

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@danaland Can you tell us more about the Uberconference integration. I've used that in the past, but was not able to create unique meeting IDs for each meeting.  I can't risk a collision of 1 late attendee at from a 1PM call, and 1 early attendee at 1:55PM. 

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Our how-to article can be found here on inserting a link into the calendar invites. The link won't be inserted until someone books with you.  If you attempt to use it again and continue having trouble, please feel free to reach out to support (if you're a paid subscriber) or make a seperate post in the community detailing out the issue with any screenshots available! Those screenshots are crucial. 🙂 

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Hi @danaland . Is there any way to do it in ROund Robin meeting link? My team uses round robin. 

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@glencornell @danaland 




This functionality will be projected for this new Quarter?


Due to the pandemic, it is really necessary to improve this integration or to solve the problem in the creation of the links.

Could you let us know when the automatic link creation is solved? please!



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Looks like they changed the google Calendar API so that events created via the API bypass the 'automatically create Google Meet link' step that admins can turn on. The API now requires an explicit conferenceData.conferenceSolution.key.type= hangoutsMeet on the event creation.


This change really messes up my workflow in Hubspot. Hoping for a fix quickly.

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Same here, this was working perfectly a few weeks ago and now I have to edit manually all meetings every week. Please, fix this, is not a feature request, it's a "give me back my old features because I'm paying for them". Thank you.

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This is also having a huge impact on our efficiency - please explore a fix soon.

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Same here, Google meet would be a fantastic extension. Thanks! 🙂

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We need this badly to work for our Hubspot Meeting Scheduling.

99% of our sales are made through video conference, so it is of utmost importance that the Google Meet link is in the invitation, made within Hubspot.

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Hi all! New update, to get the link to appear again, please follow these instructions:


If you're using a Google calendar account with the meetings tool, you can configure your calendar settings to automatically include Google Meet videoconference links.

  • Open your Google Calendar.
  • In the top right, click the settings settings icon and select Settings.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Event settings.
  • Select the Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events I create checkbox.

Google Meet links will automatically be added to calendar events booked on your connected calendar using the meetings tool. If you turn on this setting in your Google Calendar and have integrated Zoom with HubSpot, a Zoom videoconference link will be included in the calendar event instead of the Google Meet link.

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@danaland , I don't have such setting in my Google Calendar...




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@danaland same - we don't see that setting on our end either.




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Hi everyone! As was noted by some more recent commenters, this functionality recently appeared for users who had the "Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events I create" setting enabled in their Google Calendars. This was nothing HubSpot intentionally built, but our users began to rely on it. Last week, Google changed their API which stopped this from happening. As @danaland shared, we were able to find a way to restore this functionality, and HubSpot now officially supports that setting in your Google Calendar for events booked through Meetings links. See the details here. Thank you for all your patience and feedback!

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@anton_kahn @Jricci11 Hi! This option can be disabled at the organization level. If you're not seeing it, you'll want to speak with your gsuite administrator. Here's where it would be if not disabled.


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@hrobertsI think that setting is only there for free individual calendar accounts.


On my personal (free) google calendar I see the option, but in my GSuite it is not to be found:




It looks like Google GSuite Calendar does not allow for individual control of that option and instead makes it an admin setting ( We have the admin setting set correctly:






but it still does not seem to auto add into hubspot meetings.

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Okay I figured it out. It is actually a little counter intuitive.


You have to turn OFF the setting "Automatically add video conferencing to events users create" in the GSuite Admin options for the setting to be available to users. Then users can turn it on and that individual level setting works with hubspot.