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Add File Name to Module Settings UI

When an image is added to any module, the file name is added as the Alt Text by default, but once you change the alt text, it's very difficult to find the file name of the image (unless using the dev console to inspect the page preview).



When a video is added, the file name is visible so you can still hover over it to see what file is being used.

image (1).png


It would be great if the file name could be displayed in the UI (in addition to the thumbnail) so it is easier to manage images.


Who: theme developers, and all theme users


What: identify the image used

Value: save a lot of time tracking down the exact file name of the image used on a page/module


It's possible to see the File Name when images are added to the Rich Text Editors, so something similar would be perfect:



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Yes!! There are lots of places where being able to see the full name of something - whether a file or a page - would be so super duper helpful!!