Add/Edit Tasks Kanban Stages


In Deals we have the option to edit and add stages to fit our business model. 

Similarly, in Tasks we would like to see flexibility to adapt the stages to completion shown on the Kanban board.


Use case: We have multiple steps within the 'In Progress' stage that we would like to reflect for better accountability and transparency. A task can sit in the 'In Progress' stage for some time and there's no clarity on whether there is actually progress being made. 

e.g. add a stage 'Submitted for Review' or 'Researching' that occurs between Not Started and Completed. Adding a 'Blocked' stage would also help managers identify tasks where a Sales rep needs their support. 



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This is a great idea!  I have quite a few customers who would benefit from this level of customization.

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It would be awesome if tasks had customizable properties just like deals, contacts, tickets, etc.


We also need to add stages to the Kanban in order to be more precise in the stage of the task.


Great idea

Please do so


Please, It should be customized. We would be able to choose stages names as happens in Deals.

HubSpot Employee

This is a great idea and it would be an amazing opportunity to improve the UI of the tasks in HubSpot. I hope we can see this one day implemented as it's a beatiful and tidy design.