Add/Edit/Remove Non Primary Emails from Contact API

We want to give our users the ability to edit the non primary emails for a HubSpot Contact from our app. We need you (HubSpot) to support the adding/edit/removal of these secondary emails through the API to do so !

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This functionality would greatly simplify and streamline integrations with other platforms!


Possible ideas for HS Devs: If there was a way to post to the current read_only property 'hs_additional_emails', or including a similar property when using any of the create/update contact endpoints? Otherwise, maybe including some functionality directly through the identity profiles when using any of the create/update contact endpoints?

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Our client is also asking for this. We are trying to integrate an existing database. 

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I'm surprised this functionality is missing from the current API as the hs_additional_emails is read only. Please either make it writeable or provide additional methods to support full access to this core feature.

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Yeah this is huge as well for us! We need a way to remove one or more email address. A in-place replace would be the most ideal.


Also, webhooks should be a bit more informative about this as well. Otherwise we end up pushing or replacing existing email addresses, not knowing if they're updated, deleted or what.

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I really need Hubspot Devs to allow subscribe event change value of hs_additional_emails.

Currently, it shows in webhook config but doesn't work.

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This is really important to us. We are an email provider, so every contact that becomes a customer winds up with multiple email addresses, and we need to manipulate those with the API!

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This is one of the (multiple) cases where the API is not in line with the App.
Giving the ability to have multiple email addresses in a contact (quite normall these days) would asume that you can use it productwide. But apperently you guys make a difference between the App and the API.

Please get the API up to date with all the functionality you offer. And also don't forget how you handle these multiple emailadresses in combination with the Transactional Email API.

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Yes, please! super important for our customers as well. 

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This is a major roadblock for us and we need HubSpot to pull through on this idea ASAP to make the platform work for us. We already built a custom object in Salesforce to track multiple contact emails per contact and need to sync these emails with the HubSpot emails field. For some reason, the updated primary email in HubSpot cannot be synced back to Salesforce in our current implementation as that led to other problems, so we have to push the updates into HubSpot from Salesforce and vice versa.

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We really need this too, we have 2k+ contacts with several email addresses pending to be updated. 

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I'm currently working on integrating our membership site, which has multiple email addresses for users, with HubSpot to sync contact details. Really disappointing that I can't add those email addresses through the API when that feature is available in the frontend.