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Add Customization Options for Tasks Created Through "Create a task to follow up" Checkbox

As the title states, I am seeking customization settings for creating tasks using the checkbox on the calling integration popup window, as well as on note creation popup, email sending popup, etc. 


I am looking to be able to change the task title and notes section of the task created. As of now, it defaults to "Follow up with [Account Name/Contact Name]" for the title and "Regarding note logged on [Date/Time]" for the notes under the task. 


This creates an issue for my reps, as they are constantly seeking the information from an activity that they created on [Date/Time], rather than just having that note show up in the notes section of the task. If there was a way to link the notes section of the activity that is being created, to the notes section of the new task created, that would be great.


Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this change for the platform!