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Add Class option to Drag and Drop Sections

So I've been testing the feasibility of me making a template purely from using a DnD area in a template and I've noticed 1 crucial thing:


No responsiveness options

Even without responsive options, adding an option to insert custom classes into sections would solve most issues.


So take this as an example:

I have 2 sections on the site:

  1. Full-width banner carousel
  2. Centered block with 3 columns

Now with the new DnD sections, there's an option to make the sections Centered with a set max-width. However, each section's styling is applied within a generated stylesheet and only applies to that specific section. This is fine on desktop, but when you go to mobile views, you won't have any control as the only common class is dnd-section 


This means I can only either:

  • Add padding to all dnd-section classes in mobile which will cause the full-width section to have unwanted padding.
  • Have no padding at all have the sections touch the edge of the page once you go below the set max-width

This could all be solved by adding an option in Sections to allow custom classes.


Without this, it's actually easier to make the template in the standard drag and drop editor and use flexible columns as I will need to manually code each section block regardless.


Like others above I've had to code modules that the basic built-in ones would be able to do just fine if only they could have CSS Classes. This feature would massively benefit web designers (like those on my team) who know a bit of CSS but don't want to fully on jump into coding modules just to give their a specific column rounded corners...

In finding this thread I found several others on the way asking for the same thing - hopefully HubSpot recognise the demand soon.

(It's also weird that a basic feature like this is missing if HubSpot want to compete with Wordpress et al.)


Its 2024!! Please please please...we need this feature ASAP.