Add Call & Meeting Type to Calls Placed from HubSpot Mobile App

Currently in the HubSpot Mobile Apps, there is no option to log a Call/Meeting Type.


The only options we see are the following:

On iPhone App: Only Notes can be recorded

On Android App: Tasks & Notes can be created & Emails can be sent


It would be useful to be able to log a Call/Meeting Type immediately after the call to register the information. This metric would be useful if a customer wants to monitor the number of sales calls per day, especially when they have other types of calls/meetings (operations/support).

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That would be great to update the result too Smiley Happy

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Would love this feature.   We have a mobile sales team, and the idea of double handling adding prospects, cold calls etc is counter intuitive.  This feature a must if we are going to continue to use Hubspot

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Many of our team are initiating all their calls from the Android app, and they are not able to log a type of call from the app. Only the outcome. Which leads to many calls logged without any outcomes - which is bad for data quality / reporting. 


Screenshot_20191008-124808_HubSpot.jpgView from mobile app to log call - No way to log outcomeScreenshot 2019-10-08 at 13.00.54.pngcalls logged without types