Add Call & Meeting Type to Calls Placed from HubSpot Mobile App

Currently in the HubSpot Mobile Apps, there is no option to log a Call/Meeting Type.


The only options we see are the following:

On iPhone App: Only Notes can be recorded

On Android App: Tasks & Notes can be created & Emails can be sent


It would be useful to be able to log a Call/Meeting Type immediately after the call to register the information. This metric would be useful if a customer wants to monitor the number of sales calls per day, especially when they have other types of calls/meetings (operations/support).

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That would be great to update the result too 🙂

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Would love this feature.   We have a mobile sales team, and the idea of double handling adding prospects, cold calls etc is counter intuitive.  This feature a must if we are going to continue to use Hubspot

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Many of our team are initiating all their calls from the Android app, and they are not able to log a type of call from the app. Only the outcome. Which leads to many calls logged without any outcomes - which is bad for data quality / reporting. 


View from mobile app to log call - No way to log outcomeView from mobile app to log call - No way to log outcomecalls logged without typescalls logged without types

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We really need this option. We have reports based on the call/meeting type and they will be incorrect without this feature.

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Really agree with all the comments above - this is a hindrance to our mobile salesforce.  Everything has to be double handled - it would be such a quick improvement.  To be honest, it baffles me how the product even got out of alpha, let alone beta without someone noticing this glaring ommission.

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BEST OPTION: Select "Meeting Type" on mobile app


Second option: Allow a workflow to search meeting details for phrases like "In Person Meeting Attended" and then update the Meeting Type accordingly


**If we can't drive adoption of this CRM with our sales team, then why do we have this as our CRM?**

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We need custom meeting types to be available via mobile app. As account managers and direct sales, there are many meeting types we want to log and track to see where time is returning the best results. Simply logging "Email/Call/Meeting" is too generic and only really helps hunter type sales positions. As such, there is really no value in upgrading to sales professional which grants "reports" because you can't get that detailed with reporting on activity. Again, this feature is available via desktop on paid subscriptions, but if you are outside sales - the mobile app is simply too limited and then requires the rep to access the record again later at office to update the meeting type which is not efficient. 



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It would be great to be able to update the type of meeting or call from the Hubspot app. Teams must be using this while they are out and about on meetings, and not being able to register a call/meeting type is crazy to me. It means that teams have to wait until they are sat at a desktop to log things properly. 

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HubSpot sent me a NPS survey and I filled it out as a detractor because of this missing feature. They emailed and even set up an appointment for me to speak with a developer, but the developer stood me up.


It is not a super pressing issue for HubSpot as I learned the HubSpot sales team uses Salesforce as their CRM.

Status updated to: In Planning
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Hi folks!


I'm pleased to report that this feature is currently being developed for the Android app. Stay tuned to this thread, as we’ll update it as soon as this feature is In Beta and subsequently Delivered.


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Hi Joe, that's great to hear. What about for iOS devices?

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Our sales people are on iOS devices and they are external sales people who are on the road every day. It would be extremely advantageous to have this additional level of selection made available on the mobile app so they can identify the type of meeting or call so that management can obtain reports on this data. 

The sales people would primarily be using the mobile app on a daily basis because of being on the road. It is very detrimental to their activities to have to revisit contacts when they are at a desk (maybe once a week) to try and remember all the calls and then have to go in and update each one manually. I would really appreciate if you could provide and update on when this will be available for iOS users. Thank you.

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Update on development progress? We need need need this feature for our field reps! 


Timing on iOS roll-out? 




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Are there any developments for this feature? Out entire team is on iOS.  


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Our sales team has iOS too, any deadline for iOS development?