Add CTR column to email trands in workflow performance

Goal: Report on the click-through rate (CTR), i.e. the ratio of clicks per opened emails, in the the workflows tool.


Current situation: There is a "clicked" column giving the ration of clicks per delivered emails, and an "opened" column giving the ratio of opened emails per delivered emails.


Proposed solution: Add another column to this diagram to indicate clicks per opened emails, see annotated screenshot.


2018-06-25 17_02_23-Window.png


Additional notes: CTR can be calculated from the existing columns (divide "CLICKED" by "OPENED"), but it is a widely used metric that we explicitly report on in different contexts (i.e. in the marketing emails tool). It is arguably also a more intuitive metric in this context (note that both the "Delivered" and the "Opened" columns have as their denominator the column to their immediate left, which would be true for CTR but is not true for "Clicked").

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Oh my goodness do we need this column! This is a must! It already exists on individual emails, let's add it to the main screen as well please!!!