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Add CC and BCC capabilities to emails from HubSpot

We have a need for the option to add CC and BCC to emails that are sent from HubSpot. We have two important use cases for this.

Use case 1:
We have a registration form set up on our website. When someone registers, they receive an automated email from us through HubSpot saying "Thank you for registering!". Since we have a lot of different people signing up, it's very important for us to follow up on that email.

If we could add CC to me on the email that is sent out, I could pick up the conversation with the person registering very quickly. I could simply press "Reply" on the email and continue the conversation with the lead.

If I want to do this now with today's HubSpot solution, I'd have to copy/paste the lead's email address from the internal registration confirmation email, write a subject line that wouldn't confuse the lead, and then write the message to the lead. This delays the response time dramatically, and takes up substantially more resources.

Use case 2:
If we could add BCC to emails as well, it would give people two great advantages;
(1) HubSpot emails could easily be integrated with almost ANY CRM (ex. Email to CRM option), and
(2) it would add the contents of the email to the CRM (more than just "Sent Subject Line").

If anything is unclear, I would loooove to explain in more detail.

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Not Currently Planned
April 12, 2021 06:25 AM

Hi folks- 

Just dropping back in to say thank you for all the comments & thoughts here. For transparency, this is still not yet on the roadmap. We are evaluating it as something to add in the back half of this year, but nothing is yet planned. 


Please keep upvoting this, and dropping your use cases for it. We are following it and listening. 




Not Currently Planned
May 25, 2020 06:13 PM

Thanks for your comments on the idea. This isn't planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. We are evaluating this feature, but it requires substantial changes in how a number of our backend systems work. Specifically how our event (open & click) tracking works today. 


If you are willing to jump on a call to talk more about this functionality, and your specific use cases send me a direct message.  I would love to understand and learn more from you. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread.

March 25, 2019 08:35 AM

Hi all, wanted to chime in here to let you know that we're definitely paying attention to this idea post, it's gathered a lot of votes, rightly so. At the moment we don't have a clear answer on when this might be available, I wanted to make sure and be transparent here to let you know. Your feedback and unique ideas/use-cases are really important so please do keep sharing, and as we have a clearer plan here I'll be sure and keep everyone posted. Thanks!

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HubSpot Employee

Hi Community, 


I would like to share this with all of you, maybe it can help you in your projects:


Have a great 2022. 

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Appreciate your reply but it’s not helpful for automation where it would be most useful.

Same here, we recently switched from another sales tool and they did have the functionality to add the contact /deal owner in CC in a workflow that sends an email to a contact. Interessed in this feature or a valid work-around.



Please, please add this feature!


We have numerous distributors around the world with specific regions.


We reply to incomming form submissions using a different template for each of our distributors. We don't automate this process because there could be specific questions or queries. Currently, each person replying needs to find the correct email addrerss for the distributor which of course can lead to human error.


This is just one use case but hope this helps


This is really necessary, to set up an automatic CC of the HubSpot owner to customers from the HubSpot, the emails are total gosht, nobody can see the actual email just the notification on the activity, they can't re-send. we sent welcome emails and the customers got are upset when we can't show them the email!  we have to turned it off and do it manually because of this functionality.  


Guys - seriously.  Why would you not address this?  @hubspot  You allow this in the transactional email API - why would you not allow us to do it with the inteface?  The only workaround would be to use a webhook to send the email via API instead of using the built in 
"send email"


Adding our use case for this. 


1. Transactional Emails — We send a ton of transactional emails for new construction homes. These emails are automated based on where the homeowner is in the process, but we want to be able to keep more than just the one buyer in the loop on the status of their home. It would be really helpful to be able to cc' their outside agent, their spouse, and the internal agent about scheduling their design appointment and other milestones in their purchase process. 


2. Automated Marketing Emails — For example, we will host open houses for new communities. We would like to be able to send an automated email out to interested buyers AND be able to cc' the prospects outside agent on the email. We have been making it work to send it directly to each contact, but it would make our emails more effective to have it sent to the buyer and agent as one "unit" so they are more enticed to attend/talk about it. 


Is this still not on the roadmap? I see multiple requests for this enhancement and even one HubSpot rep made it sound like it was moving towards a beta. 




HubSpot Product Team
February 28, 2021 08:55 AM


Hi Commmunity! An update here from the product team:


We are currently undergoing some major changes to the infrastructure of sequences to allow for a number of improvements, including the ability to enroll multiple contacts in sequences (CC, BCC, and TO:). Although we still plan to prioritize this work, it may still be several months before this functionality is available in beta. Thank you for your patience and participation in this thread, we are working hard to bring news of updates for you all as soon as we can!