Add CC and BCC capabilities to emails from HubSpot

We have a need for the option to add CC and BCC to emails that are sent from HubSpot. We have two important use cases for this.

Use case 1:
We have a registration form set up on our website. When someone registers, they receive an automated email from us through HubSpot saying "Thank you for registering!". Since we have a lot of different people signing up, it's very important for us to follow up on that email.

If we could add CC to me on the email that is sent out, I could pick up the conversation with the person registering very quickly. I could simply press "Reply" on the email and continue the conversation with the lead.

If I want to do this now with today's HubSpot solution, I'd have to copy/paste the lead's email address from the internal registration confirmation email, write a subject line that wouldn't confuse the lead, and then write the message to the lead. This delays the response time dramatically, and takes up substantially more resources.

Use case 2:
If we could add BCC to emails as well, it would give people two great advantages;
(1) HubSpot emails could easily be integrated with almost ANY CRM (ex. Email to CRM option), and
(2) it would add the contents of the email to the CRM (more than just "Sent Subject Line").

If anything is unclear, I would loooove to explain in more detail.

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Mar 25, 2019

Hi all, wanted to chime in here to let you know that we're definitely paying attention to this idea post, it's gathered a lot of votes, rightly so. At the moment we don't have a clear answer on when this might be available, I wanted to make sure and be transparent here to let you know. Your feedback and unique ideas/use-cases are really important so please do keep sharing, and as we have a clearer plan here I'll be sure and keep everyone posted. Thanks!

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Yeah, we need this as well so that we can trigger automation in TrustPilot. They use a BCC email that I need to enter into an email in a workflow.

Because of this not being possible, we have to send this email manually, which obviously isn't ideal.


Tom Sedgwick

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I agree that this feature is needed and useful. 


Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but I'd like to use the "reply to" BCC to add our Hubspot Forwarding email address to marketing emails. That way when someone replies to a campaign email, it is automatically logged into the CRM. Thereafter, we can set up a workflow to automatically sync contacts with "Activity Type= forwarded email" to Salesforce for immediate follow up. 


I'd be interested in piloting the new feature via beta, when ready!

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@FDXmktg I have a work-around for exactly what you want to do... PM me if you'd like details. (


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Totally agree, as well. It would be nice just to initially, to test that all the personalization is working correctly. There's only so much you can do with a preview. 

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I'm just chiming in to say that both cc and bcc are super necessary. I want to bcc automated emails to salesforce for activity records for my salespeople, and can't.

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Much needed, please add this feature!!!


Would you share your work around with me as well please? Thank you so much!

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Would love to see this, possibly an enterprise feature?

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This is a much needed feature, especially if you're also integrating with something like SalesForce and want to quickly add the email content to the activity/task history of a contact

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If the ability to CC/BCC becomes an enterprise feature we will put in out cancellation the next day.

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Hello Houston. It seems we're lost contact with HubSpot. It seems they're not receiving customer signals.


Strategic plans are great but potholes (gaping product gaps) need to be filled. If HS want to retain happy users while growing its market cap, I suggest you start acting.


PS. While at it please increase your sequencing number. The current limit of 5 is, as you well know, far short of recommended limits for lead identification/qualification. Read what the experts like Litmus say. Thanks.

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This looks like it’s been originally requested back in 2017, and I definitely think there is a need for CC and BCC. Our sales team wants to be BCCd when their specific leads enter a workflow so they know what their clients are receding at what time so they can be prepared if a customer calls on behalf of an email they receive from that sales person.

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We definitely need this functionality as well so we can follow-up with personal emails with contacts on emails that we send them. 

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We could definitely use CC and BCC functionality. I'm surprised it is not part of the basic email editors or workflow features.

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Just as a reference for those with Marketing Pro and Enterprise, the feature of BCC is enabled for that level of subscription.  You can find it under Settings Cog >Marketing > Email > Subscriptions:


Settings - Google Chrome 2019-08-28 10.57.46.png


Granted, this is for all email communication.

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Not having BCC capabilities has halted my entire integration with HubSpot. Without the ability to blind copy our current CRM my sales team has no ability to see marketing or onboarding communcation I've had with leads. Now we are going to have to spend even more development time on this. 

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The ability to have a cc' on marketing emails would be great for us - It would help us internally to allow contacts to be kept in the loop of communication and monitor replies. 

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 It seems like basic functionality. no idea why we can't have this done. It's absolutely necessary for us to have this functionality when sending marketing emails. We may have to reconsider if we want to continue the membership if this function is not going to be ready soon. 

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How many upvotes/replies to an idea lead to a feature enhancement? This would be a great feature as we continue to utilize the Marketing platform. 

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Having the ability to BCC into marketing emails would mean we could automate our reviews for Trustpilot and ultimately save time!!

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Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner

This is a very much needed feature and should be added! Having the option of also populating the CC or even BCC field with DIFFERENT email addresses would also be needed. 🙂 

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