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Add CC and BCC capabilities to emails from HubSpot

We have a need for the option to add CC and BCC to emails that are sent from HubSpot. We have two important use cases for this.

Use case 1:
We have a registration form set up on our website. When someone registers, they receive an automated email from us through HubSpot saying "Thank you for registering!". Since we have a lot of different people signing up, it's very important for us to follow up on that email.

If we could add CC to me on the email that is sent out, I could pick up the conversation with the person registering very quickly. I could simply press "Reply" on the email and continue the conversation with the lead.

If I want to do this now with today's HubSpot solution, I'd have to copy/paste the lead's email address from the internal registration confirmation email, write a subject line that wouldn't confuse the lead, and then write the message to the lead. This delays the response time dramatically, and takes up substantially more resources.

Use case 2:
If we could add BCC to emails as well, it would give people two great advantages;
(1) HubSpot emails could easily be integrated with almost ANY CRM (ex. Email to CRM option), and
(2) it would add the contents of the email to the CRM (more than just "Sent Subject Line").

If anything is unclear, I would loooove to explain in more detail.

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Statut mis à jour : Not Currently Planned
April 12, 2021 06:25 AM

Hi folks- 

Just dropping back in to say thank you for all the comments & thoughts here. For transparency, this is still not yet on the roadmap. We are evaluating it as something to add in the back half of this year, but nothing is yet planned. 


Please keep upvoting this, and dropping your use cases for it. We are following it and listening. 




Statut mis à jour : Not Currently Planned
May 25, 2020 06:13 PM

Thanks for your comments on the idea. This isn't planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. We are evaluating this feature, but it requires substantial changes in how a number of our backend systems work. Specifically how our event (open & click) tracking works today. 


If you are willing to jump on a call to talk more about this functionality, and your specific use cases send me a direct message.  I would love to understand and learn more from you. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread.

March 25, 2019 08:35 AM

Hi all, wanted to chime in here to let you know that we're definitely paying attention to this idea post, it's gathered a lot of votes, rightly so. At the moment we don't have a clear answer on when this might be available, I wanted to make sure and be transparent here to let you know. Your feedback and unique ideas/use-cases are really important so please do keep sharing, and as we have a clearer plan here I'll be sure and keep everyone posted. Thanks!

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We need this to smoothly hand off a new customer between a salesperson and customer success person, allowing all three parties to be on the same thread.


Just to extend this a little...

It would be good to have the option for Internal Email Notifications to have the ability to CC in multiple users.

At the moment you can send an email to multiple users, but with both CC'd they are then able to see who has responded to the email notification first.


I also see a great need for adding a cc to automated marketing emails. When different internal teams work to support customers in different ways, it would be helpful if we could cc our internal team member so that they could be introduced to the client up front and have better visibility into what has already happening without having to open up the activity or email tab on each deal.


I totally agree with the 'basic functionality' kinda thing regarding the cc and bcc fields on emails. I have worked on a different CRM and they have it. A bit surprised really that this isn't available in HS. 


BTW, while we are all waiting for some actions to be taken from your end regarding this idea. I think it would be nice to have options or suggested workaround coming from your end. Waiting is fine to a certain extent. Having a workaround that "works" would probably be a game changer. I bet most of the people who participated here would love to hear those too, so we can start exploring. 

My used case is same with the others.

Got a workflow rule sending an email to a contact, and we wanted to copy (cc/bcc) the contact /deal owner to the same exact email. 


Thanks a lot!


We would love this as well. We're using workflows to send out initial onboarding emails from our customer success team for our self serve SaaS product, and our CS team would like to be able to reply or forward those emails all in one thread if the new customer doesn't take the steps necessary to complete the onboarding process. Right now, we have to start a new email chain when this happens and it results in multiple threaded emails about the same topic.


Currently my transactional emails triggered through workflows do not see their content logged in my customers timelines (only statistics).

That's a bit of an issue for us really since I need to see what data has been sent in the merge fields of my email at that particular time to a contact.

A BCC feature would allow us to add the LOG BCC email from Hubspot so that the content would appear on my contacts timelines, if I understands correctly. Otherwise I could turn on the Compliance BCC on all emails and try to input the LOG BCC address there but i'd be asked to verify that address, which I'm not able to do obviously...

I'm not sure why Hubspot does not display the content of the automated emails in the timelines (as everyone would assume it does) but maybe that BCC feature would help as a workaround. If there's another way please let me know!

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@ELallement  you should be able to set a BCC with Single Send transactional email to log the contents of the actual sent email. 

Note: The HTML/JSON sent through this API isn't saved by HubSpot. You may review the template of the email from the contact's timeline event. If you wish to keep a record of the emails sent and their contents, we recommend adding a BCC to the email.


Would be very helpful for a few use cases for our team as well. Any plans on implementing? 


Thank you!


This should be added yesterday. How are we looking with getting this added?


Could not agree more! I've run into so many instances where I want recipients of my marketing emails to be able to respond to me or another person on my team, and no matter how many times I say "please reach out to [other team member]" within the body of an email people always only reply to me -- which makes sense, given that when they hit "reply" my email address is the only one that appears 😞

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It is worth noting @AAssaf that you can set a different address as the Reply-to address. This does not solve everything, but would resolve your issue of people responding directly to you when they shouldn't.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 1.04.47 PM.png


This would be a very useful feature for us, use case is simply efficient follow up on automated emails for leads and enquiries, we need to split leads by geo and cc the regional alias for follow up 


I just tried to configure an email with a CC: for a similar use case that’s already been outlined. It is shocking this isn’t possible. I do not understand how this wasn’t included in the product from day 1, let alone there not being a roadmap to when it will be available. CC: is such standard and basic email functionality it never even occurred to me to ask about it during our onboarding process. 

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I agree, there should be an option to cc people on marketing emails. 

Options should include contact owner, Specific HubSpot User, HubSpot teams and most importantly personalization token! 
(For example in one of our cases the recipients of our marketing email need their secretary to be CC'd.) 


We need this functionality as well.  We manually enter a CC for almost every email we send from HS and it's very silly.  


I also agree with this. I recently had an application where I needed to email customers in given territories with introducing their new outside reps with our company. I wanted the outside reps to be copied on the email so they could interact. With the current world status and no one taking visitors and calls from people they didn't know, email is the only viable option to do so. Instead of being able to use the marketing email option, I had to send 200+ emails with the rep CC'd instead.


I can also see sending other emails such as survey's etc, and wanting to CC the outside rep and inside CSR related to a given customer as a future desire. 


The marketing email can make this happen in a short time and is actually one of hte feature that drew my copy to select hubspot. Doing the individual email process took hours.

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Definitely agree this would be great to have. Any idea if it's on the roadmap yet?


Just adding my use case in here too:

We work with a number of suppliers and promote their services to our clients on our site as we have strong search visibility in our industry. Our customers make an enquiry on a listing hosted on a hubspot landing page and this goes directly into our system. We want to be able to automate an introduction email with that supplier and our customer. Without this functionality, our supplier has to reach out 'cold' almost from an email address not associated with the domain where they made the enquiry.


It's shocking to me that as a well-established marketing email tool, HubSpot does not allow users to copy users/groups on marketing emails. 


More specifically, when we send mass customer communications, we need the ability to copy the sales team so they each receive the emai as well (so they know what's going to customers) without impacting email metrics. 


Unless I'm missing something, there does not seem to be a way to easily do this. 


It's important for internal visibility!



Hey HubSpot Dev Team. We really need this implemented in HubSpot. Can you see if there's a way to add this without affecting email deliverability? Thank you.