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Add CC and BCC capabilities to emails from HubSpot

We have a need for the option to add CC and BCC to emails that are sent from HubSpot. We have two important use cases for this.

Use case 1:
We have a registration form set up on our website. When someone registers, they receive an automated email from us through HubSpot saying "Thank you for registering!". Since we have a lot of different people signing up, it's very important for us to follow up on that email.

If we could add CC to me on the email that is sent out, I could pick up the conversation with the person registering very quickly. I could simply press "Reply" on the email and continue the conversation with the lead.

If I want to do this now with today's HubSpot solution, I'd have to copy/paste the lead's email address from the internal registration confirmation email, write a subject line that wouldn't confuse the lead, and then write the message to the lead. This delays the response time dramatically, and takes up substantially more resources.

Use case 2:
If we could add BCC to emails as well, it would give people two great advantages;
(1) HubSpot emails could easily be integrated with almost ANY CRM (ex. Email to CRM option), and
(2) it would add the contents of the email to the CRM (more than just "Sent Subject Line").

If anything is unclear, I would loooove to explain in more detail.

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Adding to the comments... this is much need. @jaleonard19 can you provide an update?


Is there any update on this? Really would be a useful feature to have in the workflows so we can automate our responses to the form being filled in on our web page, and the business developer get a copy of that email.

Membro | Parceiro Diamante

I am again in a situation where CC or BCC would have saved a heck of a lot of manual work and the solution is to create a new set of emails and even more complex workflows. 


This is a no-brainer feature and needs to be added!


@Aleksandersen that's exactly what we do and its far from ideal. We've discussed with our account manager and they confirmed this isn't available in workflows, but is in sequences. However as our account manager confirmed, the contacts in our case would need to be manually enrolled in sequences. So either we have to make do with a copy of the email (our choice), or have a manual process which defeats the object of automating the process. It was confirmed to us that this was because workflows were designed for marketing purposes, whereas sequences are designed for the sales process, which kind of makes sense, but niether currently enable what we would like, which is simply to BCC the contact owner on the email.


Hopefully we'll see movement on this 🙂

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Please move this feature up the timeline 🙂



@jaleonard19  Any progress on this since your last update? I agree with everyone on this thread. This would solve multiple workflow issues that we're facing and would eliminate time-consuming manual processes. Considering it's been over three years since this was suggested and it seems to have gathered a ton of support, I'd imagine this would be moved to the planning stage soon?


This is not just ideal - it really is necessary so that marketing can give reluctant salespeople visibility on correspondence that is happening in an automated fashion, IMO.


@lenoxbrown have you made any progress with SMARSH? I am currently running into the same problem. 


@viktoriyacaneva no progress here unfortunately.  What also makes it difficult is that I'm unable to get on the phone with HubSpot to talk about anything...very frustrating! I've tried communicating with both teams, but Smarsh has been unable to add the companywide journaling rules that HubSpot suggested.  The only workaround I could think of was to include our firm's "info account" ( email address to all lists that are used in HubSpot.


@lenoxbrown I had the same idea, adding the address to the list of users, but has that actually worked for you? The emails get recorded in SMARSH? Our rep here says that CUNA does not find this sufficient because the sent from email is an issue.


We have SMARSH integrated with our Outlook client and I am looking into the Outlook and HubSpot integration to see if that might help us a bit. Have you looked into it?


It seems to me, at this time, the only thing we can do to be compliant is to create the emails in HubSpot and export te HTML and send them from Outlook which is not great

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Bumping this up! It's a much-needed feature that has been on this board for 3 years! Between this feature and the first contact timestamp missing I'm not sure HubSpot is even listening!


To cc in internal stakeholders would be ideal, especially when a workflow is set up to introduce a customer to the rest of the project members that will take care of them down the pipeline. Do you have an idea of where on the roadmap this improvement is for HubSpot?


@Shay  when is this on the roadmap? Or is this not on the roadmap at all?


Our use case:

We have an indirect go-to-market model, where Resellers want to be on the CC when I communicate with 'their customers'. This feature is blocking me in going all in to Hubspot.




Yes I agree.  We have a financial compliance requirement that particular emails sent to clients are audited.  We send these emails out and CC/BCC our team as part of a workflow that is manually triggered via a property checkbox.  

If we do not meet our audit licensing requirements, we cannot use hubspot workflows or sequences to send out emails to our clients as part of our process that we use HubSpot for.  


This is a real issue for us being in the financial services industry that is highly regulated.


Can you please speed up the release of this capability so we are able to use workflows and sequences fully for our business.


Thank you.


+1 this is a very important feature request to us.  I used to be a Admin and they had ability to CC users on marketing emails. I was disappointed to find that Hubspot with all the hype did not include this basic functionality.  Being able to add CC to marketing emails is vital for adding social proof.  For example, we would CC the person making the referral to the referral email.  This increased trust and led to higher conversion rates than a stand alone email.



The "Auto CC" feature apparently does the automatic CC'ing of your "FROM" email address to the CC field in order to send a copy of your ticket response to the particular mail box.  

It is absolutely necessary to track our emails via bcc, so we really need this function. I'm not a developer, but this should be easy to implement.


Any updates Hubspot?


Please consider this idea more of a priority!  It is an essential need in sales/marketing 


Awaiting for this feature


Chiming in here to say that we would also like to see the CC and BCC capabilities for Hubspot automated emails. We have people internally that need to be notified when certain client emails go out.