Add CC and BCC capabilities to emails from HubSpot


We have a need for the option to add CC and BCC to emails that are sent from HubSpot. We have two important use cases for this.

Use case 1:
We have a registration form set up on our website. When someone registers, they receive an automated email from us through HubSpot saying "Thank you for registering!". Since we have a lot of different people signing up, it's very important for us to follow up on that email.

If we could add CC to me on the email that is sent out, I could pick up the conversation with the person registering very quickly. I could simply press "Reply" on the email and continue the conversation with the lead.

If I want to do this now with today's HubSpot solution, I'd have to copy/paste the lead's email address from the internal registration confirmation email, write a subject line that wouldn't confuse the lead, and then write the message to the lead. This delays the response time dramatically, and takes up substantially more resources.

Use case 2:
If we could add BCC to emails as well, it would give people two great advantages;
(1) HubSpot emails could easily be integrated with almost ANY CRM (ex. Email to CRM option), and
(2) it would add the contents of the email to the CRM (more than just "Sent Subject Line").

If anything is unclear, I would loooove to explain in more detail.

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I would dearly like to see cc become a function of HubSpot emails, but not for the reasons above.


My company would like to CC our external partners into our correspondence to a mutual client. At the moment we need to send these messages via mailmerge rather than within HubSpot. 


We need this too. Use case for us is to add the marketing mails to the CRM.


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Absolutely must-have feature. Hoping this get's added soon!


Come on Hubspot, what gives? We need CC/BCC in workflow emails! Not difficult! 😋


has anyone here found a workaround for this? having auto cc's are extremely important to us and it's unbelievable that HS hasn't implemented this yet.



We're getting remarks from our sales managers that they'd like to be Cc'd in some marketing emails.


Happen to look for the same option. 

Looking forward for workflow related email to support cc and bcc.


We would also really like to see cc become a function of HubSpot emails, but not for the reasons above.


My company would like to CC our dealers into our correspondence to a mutual customer. This way we can easily verify which contact at the dealership is receiving this leads and has an opportunity to respond. 


Thank you. 



As a workaround I am trying to do a workflow so that there is also a second email going out to the secondary contact. Not ideal but maybe can work.

Did anyone else find a workaround? 


Great idea! Would love to see this implemented!


I'd love to see a BBC option made available for all outgoing automated emails (workflows). Several other major CRMs have this feature; it's unfortunate we have to do without it here. 


This feature is extremely helpful for sales or support teams wanting to easily track outgoing messages to clients or potential clients right in their inbox - without having to manually check Hubspot every day for such granular data. They get a copy of each email sent out (or just the most important ones), and once the client or prospect replies it begins a formal thread from there. 


Please consider this our sales guy will be forever grateful!


Hi, I need this feature as well for the marketing emails. 


This is a really important capanbility that I am so frustrated is not possible and, quite frankly, makes Hubspot very difficult to use as a CRM solution. Please, please get this implemented!


We really need this for our automated workflow emails. Clearly it's a huge gap for people given the number of upvotes and comments. Please help!


Also, did this used to be supported?


Please help us out, this seems like it should be a relatively simple addition!!

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Hi all, wanted to chime in here to let you know that we're definitely paying attention to this idea post, it's gathered a lot of votes, rightly so. At the moment we don't have a clear answer on when this might be available, I wanted to make sure and be transparent here to let you know. Your feedback and unique ideas/use-cases are really important so please do keep sharing, and as we have a clearer plan here I'll be sure and keep everyone posted. Thanks!


Hi Shay, thanks for getting back on this - we apprecitate the update. Just two ideas here since it sounds like this is still being scoped out. Here are the two ways I can see my use case being met:

A) Ability to CC or BCC email(s) in the email itself (this would probably be applicable to emails for sendout and emails saved for workflow automation).

B) Ability to specify email address(s) for CC or BCC in the workflow, for an email used in the workflow.


Either of these approaches would meet the need. Thanks again, hope to see something come out soon!


@Shay @evfishr To be clear, the purpose for this post was specific to CC/BCC in automation/workflows. Hubspot currently has the ability to manually CC/BCC others in emails. See Below.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 1.29.07 PM.png


What we're looking for is to be able to CC/BCC someone on an email sent via workflows. See below for concept.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 1.40.50 PM.png


@PayKings My response was about marketing emails. There is no option to CC or BCC in a marketing email saved for automation, or for sendout. I think what you are referencing in your screenshot is an individual email.


@evfishr The top part of my response was referrencing individual emails. The second part was specific to marketing emails saved for automation or sent on demand.


Every competing tool to Hubspot I have used has this capability, so it is quite surprising Hubspot does not. Furthermore, it is clear from the responses that the need is widespread. I am a new Hubspot user so am disappointed that it appears such basic features and a clear cut demand are not paid attention to.