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Add Bug Reports / Issues Community Category & Slack Channel

Who Does It Benefit

HubSpot, Marketers, Users, and Developers


Value To Be Gained

Users would be able to easily submit bug reports as well as view bug reports others have submitted to identify if what they're experiencing is likely actually a bug or not.



I feel like there should definitely be a Bug Reports Community category or a #bug-reports Slack channel (or preferably both, like with Ideas). Currently, I've experienced numerous bugs, over the last several months, and I don't really have any outlet to post them to. Currently, I try to find the most relevant channel in Slack and post them there, but it doesn't feel good at all.


I mentioned this to Jon McLaren, and he told me messaging support would be the best solution for bug reports, but it seems really inconvenient to do, and other users can't benefit from it, to help identify their issues as bugs, and view possible solutions whether it's a bug or not (if there's been an issue posted by someone else). Being able to post your bug reports to a dedicated community section would just be better for everyone, I feel:

  • HubSpot would gain more awareness and a measure of the urgency of the bug based on community response
  • Marketers and users would have an outlet to more easily report any issues they're experiencing as well as see if the issue has been experienced by others and possible solutions or bandaid fixes for the issue (and maybe a response in the thread from an official HubSpot staff member that the issue has now been resolved)
  • Developers would be more aware of things that are actually bugs rather than waste hours identifying it as such (which I have done on more than 1 occasion recently, although I probably still would have needed to as they were so niche it is likely no one else would have already reported them) and they could potentially pass that info on to a client.

All-in-all, I don't really see a reason not to do this, and think it would be a great addition.

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This would be beneficial, I was searching for a way to report a bug via the online community and unfortunately no way to obviously do so.

Not applicable

I would love to see a real Issue tracker, as BugSpot lacks consistency, common sense and features on so many levels.

Just one example:

I found this "Idea", want to give an upvote - didn't work because you have to be registered.

Hit the login button as I thought I could use my normal BugSpot account - didn't work, and I've got redirected to the register page where my mail address is prefilled.

Now I am unable to use entirely because from this point I'm stuck in the registration process and have to choose a profile name. Even if I go to the start page, no content is shown until I have chosen a name.