Add Attachments to Contacts on Mobile Apps

From time-to-time we've had users request the ability to add attachments to contacts using our Mobile Apps. Is this a feature you'd like? How would you use it? How often would you use it? Let us know and get voting!

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Any chance we can add files to a contact using the mobile app? It would come in so handy especially in recruitlment and application process when on the move and no time to open a laptop. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Yes this feature is a must! Our sales reps need to add attachments to their contacts and deals on the go right from their phone. They collect images of job-sites and electricity bills and need to be able to add these files from the phone app on a daily basis. Please let me know when this feature becomes available. Thanks! 


Add attachment to Deals also is important for us that used to work with pipedrive this is somthing that helps us get rid of the use of paper and send quotes, manuals, and much more to our clints. 

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This would be great. Our sales reps would use this to attach copies of customers energy bills and also pictures of customers roof. We would use this feature many times daily.

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Like the others that already said this, this functionality would be amazing for the solar industry.

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 I'm surprised this feature isn't already a core feature. We are a new Hubspot cusomer and not having this makes Hubspot a lot less appealing.

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I would use it to keep track of my prospects advertisements in other publications to use as reference in my sales process.

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Is there any progress on the feature? We have leads filling in paper forms during events and would like to keep a copy online as proof they gave us permission to send them emails, etc. - GDPR.

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I take handwritten paper notes and want to attach an image of those notes to the contact record in hubspot mobile.