Add API to Manage Parent-Child Company Relationships


Currently, there is no public API to manage a parent-child company relationships. This prevents integrators and other API consumers from utilizing this functionality. Adding a public API to manage these relationships would enable integrators and other API consumers to take full advantage of this feature and get more value out of the HubSpot CRM.

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in addition to the above mentioned points, offering parent/child support in the API is a requirement to do roll-up reporting on contact and deals in external BI systems.

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It's difficult to build data integrations in the cloud when vendors build functionality into their applications that are not supported via their public apis.


Hubspot is stepping up their products with Enterprise level pricing - the api's should follow suit.


I'm really amazed that this isn't implemented yet.  Something as basic as linking companies with their parents and children, which is clearly exposed in the normal UI, and this feature has been requested for over a year now!  It would take HubSpot about a day of work maximum to implement this API (in fact it already exists in the API it just isn't "official" for some bizarre reason).


Come on HubSpot.  Implement this.  You have PAYING customers who want it!

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Good news everyone, they just released the CRM Associations API out of beta. The beta, for it's entirety, only had a handful of



I was pleasantly suprised when they released the new api out of beta, and it had ALL the associations.

Association Type / Definition ID

Contact to company 1
Company to contact 2
Deal to contact 3
Contact to deal 4
Deal to company 5
Company to deal 6
Company to engagement 7
Engagement to company 8
Contact to engagement 9
Engagement to contact 10
Deal to engagement 11
Engagement to deal 12
Parent company to child company 13
Child company to parent company 14
Contact to ticket 15
Ticket to contact 16
Ticket to engagement 17
Engagement to ticket 18
Deal to line item 19
Line item to deal 20
Company to ticket 25
Ticket to company 26
Deal to ticket 27
Ticket to deal 28


Thanks for sharing, that's awesome news.  On first glance it looks like this covers the company parent/child relationships, both in terms of adding/editing a relationship and getting the data (as in being able to report on it).

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hi all,


As @Wholesale-Solar mentioned, this is now fully possible using the CRM Associations API!