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Add ALT Text field at the file manager level

Add in an ALT text field in the file manager so we can add a global alt text to all images. Then allow the ability to override this text from the page level when adding in images (currently can add the alt text there).  This would make it easier for when using this in the  IMAGE HubDB column so we can pull in proper alt text for each image.


Example below:


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December 12, 2022 01:41 PM

December 12, 2022 01:41 PM

Hi everyone,


Glad to report that we have delivered this feature to the File Manager. Please let me know if you have any questions!



What is it?

Users can now add a short description of images and videos in the File details panel and Picker. When provided, this text will be used as the `alt` text for images, and the `title` attribute for videos when inserted in content from now on.

Why does it matter?

Descriptions of images and videos enhance accessibility via communicating their content to screen readers and visitors who chose not to display them. They also can improve SEO by helping search engines understand media content.

Currently, the file name is used as alt text. The new field allows users to specify something different and consider the file name to be for internal organization purposes. It will remain possible to customize alt text for individual usages of an image within rich text and the image module. Based on leading accessibility guidelines, descriptions are limited to 150 characters.

How does it work?

Available to all portals with access to Files, click on "details" for an image or video from your Files tool and add alt-text and description.

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December 08, 2022 07:21 AM

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December 02, 2022 08:54 AM

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May 03, 2022 07:24 AM

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Adding a boolean to hide/show alt field in image selectors would be a plus!

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This would alleviate a lot of the issues surrounding alt text for blog featured images and SEO:


I find that it is also highly frustrating to manage/review alt text entered by team members - having a centralized location to manage alt text would be awesome - actually having it as a column for the file that is click to edit (similar to HubDB) would be even better!


Excellent idea. Infact, I stumbled upon this request searching for a way to do exactly that. Be able to do ALT text at the File Manager stage. Was bummed to find it was not real. We are an assistive technology company for the visually impaired. So it is critical to our audience that we use ALT text for images. Believe me they will let us know. Social media posts in HS do not allow for that because we can't add the ALT text at the File Manager stage. Guess we use Buffer instead. Big fail on HS part. 

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Exactly. Why doesn't this exist. Why do I have to comb through Hubl code to add this in? It should be part of the info collected when we use an image from the gallery.


yes this. we need this

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@watanak excited to see some activity on this idea - please let us know if any other information would be helpful to get this moving forward to in planning!


+1! Even an update on the timing of adding this would be great (if it won't be right away) as I'm just about to start shopping other options (even though I wish I didn't have to!)


I'm unable to use HubSpot's scheduling offering without this ability as accessibility is a requirement. 


I was just looking for this capability today, given that there is no mechanism for adding Alt Text to Instagram posts in the Social media tools. Facebook yes. Instagram, nope. (And what a pain to have to go edit each Instagram post.)


What an ideal solution to be able to add Alt Text to our image library and voila! Each time we use the image it's already done... and it's consistent among platforms and posters.


As a nonprofit that works with the disability community, I just need to say that this shouldn't even be a conversation we're having, given ADA web and online media requirements. Imho, all mechanisms for posting electronic content should require alt-text for every image. Good WordPress templates do this. Let's follow their example!


+1, we need this since we reuse images that are stored in Hubspot

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+1 yes, this is essential!! Can't believe it's not a thing. Hopefully a quick fix HubSpot.




Yes! I am surprised that 3 years after this suggestion was made, it still has not been done. I'm currently having an issue where the editor is not saving alt text and when it does, the SEO crawler still says there is no alt text, even when there is! 


It would be great to set alt text in the Fule Manager, specially when using HubDB or rending web content dynamic.

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+1 need this!

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+1, being able to access, edit, add alt text is critical to images used in file manager and/or HubDB. 

HubSpot, please make this functionality available as soon as possible.


+1 Has there been an update? This has been under review since more than a year, was it denied? 


Seems like this one has fallen off of their radar. So adding my comment with an added reference to this active and fairly recent discussion on this same topic >>

Updating ALT Text within Files on images 

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