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Ad tracking for Google Performance Max campaigns

Adding this ideas request having spent some time with different customers looking for the ability to track Google Ads Performance max campaigns: 

Currently, this is not supported in HubSpot ad tracking so while the overall campaign can be synced to HubSpot the ad groups show as blank and converted contacts cannot be attributed to it in a meaningful manner. 

We can also see this community posting noting the same request from about 40 users: 

Overall this is becoming more of a pain point for customers as this Google ads feature becomes more popular, and an ability to track these would benefit many.

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I agree.  I recently left Google after 10 years working on their Ads/Automation products, and I can confirm that nearly ALL of Google's 2024 automation Engineering resources are being poured into PMax.  This is Google's P0 for the forseeable future.


This would be awesome

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I concur with your statement. Having just concluded a decade at Google, focusing on Ads Automation products i can verify that the bulk of Googles automation engineering efforts for 2024 are dedicated to pmax. It stands as Googles top priority shaping their strategic direction for the foreseeable future. i have tested this on site ff advance server


I strongly support the idea of enabling reporting on PMax campaigns. They are likely to play an increasingly important role in the future, and accurate reporting within HubSpot is essential for these kinds of campaign.


I would like to support. Its mandatory for our marketing efforts know the performance.

Thanks a lot.


Strongly support!! Need to see how my pmax campaign performs in conjunction with HubSpot as we put tons of marketing $$ into our Pmax campaign. 

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+1 for a customer! It would be great to be able to pull in tracking from Google Max Performance campaigns so they can accurately report on ROI.


Performance Max is the new way forward so it's essential for HubSpot to adopt support.