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Activity properties only searching for "at least one associated activity" in workflows

Posting this idea to the Forum on a user's behalf; currently the expected behavior in workflows is that when an activity property is specified in a workflow action, the workflow will only look for 'at least one associated activity' rather than the most recent one. This causes some hurdles for users when they want to automate the process of reaching out to leads but only have a workflow continue it's course once a particular activity property is changed or marked a certain way. It would be great to have this functionality moving forward so that workflows can identify the most recent associated activity, or the one that the user wants to target. Thanks!

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I would like my workflow to trigger on the most recent call outcome. This functionality would make this possible!


Sames issue as RebeccaPersian ...

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I would like my workflow to be triggered on the result of the most recent activities (Task, call, meeting, note).