Activity on closed deals

Hubspot recently made a change where the activity does not log on closed deals (either won or lost).  This directly affects our process and audit history for client services.  Hubspot should instead have an option to allow users to toggle or set their own option for what they'd like to see as far as activity.


Suggestion: allow users to select if they'd like activity on closed deals in settings or create toggle to see all activity or recent activity on timeline.


Second suggestion: If Hubspot makes changes that directly impact the system/workflow, they should give users the ability to customize their settings or preserve the original functionality.

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Fully agree. I just came to realize that the deal setting as closed/won was the reason why activity was not being properly logged. It makes no sense that after a deal is won/closed, communications are not automatically logged into it once the contact and deal have been associated. I am sure that not only in my business, there is a lot of after-sale communication happening that need to be accessible in the activity log for others to see.