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Activity feed visibility control by teams / business units

Who is this feature for?

Everybody who wants to control the visibility of sensitive data in the activity feed (like not to share data between departments or when setting up business units and the units have shared contacts).


What is the goal?

At the moment you cannot control who has access to all the sensitive data visible in the activity feed: if someone owns the contact or has "everything" or "teams only" contact object permission, that user will be able to see the activity feed. There is no way to distinguish between what is displayed there (and I don´t mean view filtering here).

You wouldn't want emails or meeting logs with confidential data being able to be seen by members of other teams.


What value will this add?


It would give a crucial security layer to all those cases when a contact has to be shared but data should be displayed restricted.


Examples for the solution:

There is now a new beta feature that adds Notes to the permissions and accessibilit can be set. 

Also the associated elements on the right side of a contact record can be customized based on the needs.


Activity feed should have the same visibility control as well!

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Also asked HS support and it is really not existing yet! Please help let it be a real feature 😉




We also need this as an option. I am not able to use the calendar linking with my company as meetings that are not private and even commucation that should be private shows up on the activity feed. It is stopping us a company from being able to use some of the main reasons we signed up for Hubspot. 


How to use custom code to ensure activity between teams and prevent one team from seeing another team's activity on Hubspot?


This change needs to be implemented. It makes no sense to force our company to share information on the activity tracker as there is confidentiality and privacy to think about. We should atleast be allowed to hide the tab at the very least.


My client needs this too - they have multiple business units with some shared contacts, but do not want to see what the other team have saved in activity against that shared contact. I have created a custom secondary owner field and restricted all CRM settings (including notes and tasks) to 'team only' but notes and all other activity (emails and meetings) are still showing to each team - I assume because they are both owners of the record - it's not being limited to 'team only'. 


1000% agree this feature is very much needed and as a company that has recently implemented HS we were actually quite shocked that it was not a an out of the box feature. Not having the ability to customise the information that is presented in the activity feed at a team or individual level is a major shortfall in the customisation options and clearly one that had been overlooked. Do we know if this has been posted to the ideas forum yet?