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Activity Tracking History

It would be AWESOME if HubSpot would include the name of the  source (contact/company/deal/task) info in the Activity Tracking History so you know what contact/company/deal that activity was associated with.


Its nice that I can click on a company and get activity (Tasks, Notes, etc.) associated w/ that company...but I don't have anything that links it to the contact/source that it was made in.


I'm running into the issue where someone is no longer w/ the company, I delete their contact w/in the CRM, now I have Activity History w/in the company, but nothing to link it all together.

Example:  NOTE- No longer w/ company  (Thats it) 


Now I have NO CLUE who that was referrencing or what contact is no longer w/ the company because the NOTE isn't linked to a Contact/Source w/in Activity.


**this would also be solved if you could simply ARCHIVE a CONTACT so you wouldn't need to delete them**