, Activity Feed, Allow activity feed to display individual activity instead of by contact

There's been an update to the way that the Activity Feed displays notifications so that all interactions are grouped under a contact instead of all interactions appearing in chronological order.  This change in my opion provides less insight than before.


Being able to track individual activity per email at a glanceis vital.  I have been advised that there is no way to revert back to the previous version. This is a shame becasuse it means I will have to look for a different tool to support the business. The update has made the tool more cpmplex and provides less insight at a glance.







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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey @Chaz_Fitzsimmon! Would you mind expanding on how this change made things more complex for your use case? Your feedback is very valuable to us, and we certainly did not intend to make the feed less useful with this update.