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Activity Based Workflows

Because activities can't act as re-enrollment trigger, it would be great to have activity based workflows.  


An example of an application would be that every time I log a phone call with outcome = left voice mail, it will send an automated email to the contact.  You could create similar workflows depending on the outcome of a call or meeting.  

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July 11, 2024 03:20 AM

Hi everyone, 


I wanted to post an update since there have been some new options introduced that solve some of these use cases. Last year "When an event occurs" triggers were added (KB doc), which made a number of new trigger options available. As mentioned as needed in many of the comments here, these new triggers include: Meetings, Calls, and Sales documents interactions. 


To use these options, create a Contact workflow and select the trigger type "When an event occurs." Here are some screenshots for reference:


Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 6.14.58 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 6.14.32 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 6.14.15 AM.png

Another great thing about these event driven triggers is that the contact will enroll and re-enroll every time the event happens. So for example if you have a Meeting booked trigger, every time the contact books a meeting they will enroll. This should help with a lot of the needs outlined above : )



Megan Legge

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Yes we are also needing this feature, PLEASE HUBSPOT!


Just ran into this issue today. It's 100% needed. My example: 


We create call/meeting activities when our sales team books a meeting. I have a workflow that triggers Slack to notify a channel so the whole company gets to celebrate with the person who booked a meeting. 


The issue I'm running across is the re-enrollment functionality doesn't work for activities. We are starting to loop back to meetings we booked previously that never made it anywhere. So we still want to celebrate these wins with the BDR team. It's also became a thing in our company: 'if it doesn't show up in Slack, did it really happen?' It's really fun for my team and BDR's are disappointed when their meeting doesn't show up.  I am also currently going into HubSpot workflow and manually adding these to the workflow so that it lights up Slack, but that's just not scalable. 


If anyone has found an alternative way or workaround, I'm all ears! 


We also need this ASAP. We are trying to set up a workflow that reminds the sales team to update the meeting type, meeting outcome, add notes from the meeting, and also add any required follow up items post meeting and cannot seem to do it without referring to an acivity based workflow which is not an option! Please add this funtionality soon!


1000% necessary functionality. We are trying to encourage note taking and call logging in CRM, but need to promote visibility in Slack by pushing these notifications when calls/notes are logged to high value deals. Impossible to do without this type of option


We also need this function for several reasons. As mentioned already, to remember sales people to add the correct call type and also to trigger slack/email notifications. 

I higly recommend also to give us the possibility to create new activities based on an engagement. Like how it is possible to create a task for someone, also to create a "Log call" engagement were it is possible to pre-select the outcome and type of the call. 


Yes, yes!  This is exactly what we need, too.   Activity-Based workflows would allow me to automate several items that need to happen when a call is logged with a particular outcome:  

1. Update the Deal Stage.

2. Update a custom property to credit the particular caller for that outcome.

3. Send a notification to their manager for celebration. 

4. (Soon) enroll the Contact in a Sequence. 


What do you say @glencornell ?


Would really appreciate having this function. We would like to update properties based on certain activities by specific people, but we can't really do this since re-enrollment is not an option 😞


This would be amazing.


We have just run into an issue with one of my staff who makes outbound calls to existing clients.


Activity-based workflows with if/then branches based on the call outcome would solve create significant efficiencies within this particular role and allow us to focus more on selling rather than admin.

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Definitely need this functionality!


We need to track the date when specific users last had a call/meeting with a contact for reporting, but seems like there is no way to do it. 




Yes please need this asap!


We absolutely need activity-based workflows. Any update on this feature HubSpot? 






My circumstance is I'd like a task to be assigned to our Sales team every time they log a specific call so that it reminds them to send a follow-up 1 month later. 


This would be super helpful!


I'm not sure if this would solve your specific issue, but we've gotten around this in certain cases by using list membership as the workflow trigger. So rather than having the activity trigger the workflow directly, we created an active list with the same criteria and then used membership of that list as the trigger to enrol a contact into the workflow. By using list membership, contacts can then be re-enrolled every time they are added back to the active list.


It took us a bit of time testing out the criteria to make sure it was picking up the right contacts at the right time, but hopefully it can help.


An example of the list filters that could be used for this are:


At least one associated Activity has

Activity assigned to is any of *your team member* 

Meeting start time is less than 1 day ago 
Meeting outcome is any of Completed 
Call and meeting type is any of Telephone call
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This would be an absolutely amazing feature and help for a flurry of use cases. 

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It would be really useful to have activity based workflows.

That way it would be possible to copy for example a meeting description into a contact property.

You could then sync the meeting outcome into other programms like Asana.

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I would absolutely love to see this implemented as there are thousands of use cases for this! Especially as it relates to meetings where I have found many roadbloicks that could be solved with activity based workflows. 

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This is a crucial feature for Sales automation. There is apparently no scalable/reliable nocode workaround for this


A possibilidade de criação de fluxos de trabalho bem elaborados, com base nas Atividades, se faz extremamente necessário. 

Para que possamos enviar notificaçõesde comemoração, ou até mesmo instruções de registro da reunião e alteração do resultado da reunião após sua conclusão.