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Activity Based Workflows

Because activities can't act as re-enrollment trigger, it would be great to have activity based workflows.  


An example of an application would be that every time I log a phone call with outcome = left voice mail, it will send an automated email to the contact.  You could create similar workflows depending on the outcome of a call or meeting.  

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YES! I need an acitivity based work flow as well where I can trigger workflows on "time" properties, not just "datetime."


I would like to send a message on slack to my employees after they have a zoom meeting if they dont add their internal notes to go and do so. and there's no way to trigger it to happen base on a time AFTER the meeting ends. It will only trigger it at the start of the meeting before they've even had a chance to add their notes. Which isnt helpful currently


Please prioritise this in the next update! We need this for integrations with Zoom and Salesforce.



This feature is really necessary to close the gap in workflows. We try to use lists as a workaround, but you can only do so much before you reach a certain limit.


We would really like this. It seems like a no-brainer, honestly.


A well-described request.


Currently, there are Contact date stamps for the meetings tool, but not for meetings scheduled through the UI.

I want to send notifications for future meetings and set properties against accounts when specific meeting types are set.


My workaround is to use the Last Engagement Date as a workflow trigger and then IF-THEN logic to determin if a meeting of the specific type have been set against the contact in the last day.


We need a way to create Service Hub tickets on inbound calls to our service phone number


Being able to trigger when an activity is created, when the activity is due / starting and ending would be very helpful. For example, when someone from our inside sales team creates a meeting with a contact, it moves them along their pipeline, so I want a meeting to be an automatic trigger for this update


@Steve0 I have created a workaround to trigger workflows when a meeting is booked, and this can be used for re-enrollment.


  1. Create a contact custom field named 'Meeting Booked' (or similar)
  2. Use a Contact based workflow
    1. Enrollment trigger to be;
      • At least one associated Activity has 'Meeting outcome' (default HubSpot field for meetings) is any of 'Scheduled'
      • At least one associated Activity has 'Meeting outcome' is any of 'Scheduled'
      • 'Meeting Booked' is equal to any of 'NO'
      • 'Next activity date' is 'known'
    2. Action # 1 - Delay for 1 minute
    3. Action # 2 - Set property value 'Meeting Booked' to 'YES'
    4. Action # 3 - Delay for 1 minute
    5. Action # 4 - Set property value 'Meeting Booked' to 'NO'
    6. End of workflow
  3. Use a secondary workflow to use the trigger when 'Meeting Booked' is set to 'YES', and then Action # 1 - Set property value (Deal Pipeline & Stage) to 'X' (your choice of deal stage)

Hope this helps 🙂


I just set up a workflow that was triggered off the results of a meeting, and it seems to be working. There isn't anything listed as "activity" in the potential triggers, as there is in reporting, so it's a little confusing. But there is an option for "Meeting" and "Call". I set one up so that if a meeting happened more than a day ago and the meeting outcome hasn't been updated, the deal owner is emailed with a reminder and a task is created to remind them to update.


thanks @NPW 


I found that i could get this working for my scenario by using a dynamic list that identifies my qualification meetings occurring within the last day.

This then works as a great re-triggerable property for my contact workflow to update the lead status.


I would still like to have triggers on meetings, so I can send a reminder before the meeting, a thank you afterwards, etc based on the call and meeting types I've setup.


I think you might be able to. Select a deal-based workflow, then look at the trigger types. There's one for "Meeting", and it has all the things you'd need: meeting start time, activity date, activity assigned to, meeting outcome, meeting type, etc. Emailing a reminder to the person could be a little trickier, but you can set meetings up to do that anyway. If you set up a contact-based workflow you can enroll them in a sequence which can be triggered by activities. For example, you could set it up so that if the meeting outcome is set to "completed" it kicks off an email, a task, etc.


YES!  Activity-based workflows would be great.  This would work well for lots of use cases and solve this issue I have for reporting:

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@bmorgan1 It's not the same. This way, the workflow will look at Deals with at least one Activity associated that is XYZ. This has the following drawbacks:

  • It doesn't let you target the Activity with updates. You can't change the name, date etc. With an Activity based workflow, the idea is that you'd also be able to edit the Activity's properties and otherwise affect it.
  • Because of "at least one Activity", it only works once for each deal, unless you delete the activity. Because when a second activity comes in that meets the criteria, the deal won't re-enroll (this trigger can't be set as re-enrollment criterium).

Need that feature ASAP


I'd love to send a Slack message any time someone createa a note!


@Nussey I'm looking at triggers, and for contact-based you can trigger based off activities (and pick the note type); for company-based, Notes are a trigger. Notes can't be a trigger for Deal-based. So for example, you could set up something like this in a company-based workflow:


Since any new note will have a create date, that's the same as being triggered when someone creates a note. Yes?


I would find this very helpful because then we could reference the properties associated with the activities within the workflow itself. I'm trying to create a workflow that sets a custom HubSpot user contact property "SDR" to the user who most recently interacted with a contact if that user was a member of a specific team. I can get the trigger to work (as shown in the screenshot) but then I have no way of dynamically referencing the user that created the activity to set the SDR property. 

Screenshot 2023-06-06 162034.png

Perhaps having activity based workflows would allow this data to be referenced in the workflow.


@PHix This could be a hassle if your team is very big, but you could try an if/then branch; see screenshot (I just used one of our custom properties as an example).





This would be very beneficial, there's lots of use cases for this


+1000 to this!