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Activity Based Workflows

Because activities can't act as re-enrollment trigger, it would be great to have activity based workflows.  


An example of an application would be that every time I log a phone call with outcome = left voice mail, it will send an automated email to the contact.  You could create similar workflows depending on the outcome of a call or meeting.  

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July 11, 2024 03:20 AM

Hi everyone, 


I wanted to post an update since there have been some new options introduced that solve some of these use cases. Last year "When an event occurs" triggers were added (KB doc), which made a number of new trigger options available. As mentioned as needed in many of the comments here, these new triggers include: Meetings, Calls, and Sales documents interactions. 


To use these options, create a Contact workflow and select the trigger type "When an event occurs." Here are some screenshots for reference:


Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 6.14.58 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 6.14.32 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 6.14.15 AM.png

Another great thing about these event driven triggers is that the contact will enroll and re-enroll every time the event happens. So for example if you have a Meeting booked trigger, every time the contact books a meeting they will enroll. This should help with a lot of the needs outlined above : )



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Minha cliente precisa utilizar as propriedades de atividade mas as possiblidades sao limitadas, se houver a forma de utilizar as atividades como objetos (e nao engajamentos) nos fluxos de trabalho facilitaria a automacao de atividades.


My client needs to use the activity properties for an automation, but the possibilities are limited, if there is a way to use the activities as objects in the workflows it would facilitate the automation of activities, thank you!



Needed to create internal alerts when certain tasks are completed.


Really need this. It would make notifications based on activity so much easier.



The use case I have in mind is for a workflow to trigger after a sales meeting to assign a task to the salesperson to attach their notes/qualification survey to the meeting. I know you can use playbooks to do this but we don't have Enterprise


HUBSPOT DO IT - I need to automatically change call outcomes

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We really need this too. Let's hope HubSpot implements soon!

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We need this feature ! It's very important for many customers ... Thanks !


This would be a great help for us too!

In our case we would like to copy the Meeting outcome property value to a custom ticket property. 

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Very needed!

Right now I can only use Contact property "At least one Activity", which is limiting because I want to trigger a workflow on every activity that meets certain criteria, not just the first one.




Would be very useful for our automation activities, we are not able to find a workaround of it!


Absolutely agree that this is a necessary feature - or some reliable scalable way of triggering an automation on creation/updates to activity records.


A heads up for anyone using the list-based approach: it only works in small-volume situations, once you start having high turnover in these processes they will start having multi-hour delays in being added to the lists; or failing to be added to the list before they are no longer eligible for enrolment and therefore being totally missed.


We are attempting to create a workflow that would trigger everytime we have a completed meeting or connected call however, due to the nature of how the system forcefully does this is, when using a contact-based workflow it only sets up a condition that makes it so that it will only check if there is "atleast one" activity that passes this criterea. So what happens is, the workflow is never triggered for the second instance/log even if the reenrollment is enabled.


You can recreate this by creating a contact-based worklow and set the trigger to meeting outcome completed, enable reenrollment and add the task of storing the date of step in a date property.


even if you log multiple meetings then set them as completed one by one, the workflow will only register the contact for the first instance but never for the rest.


To fix this, we need to approach it similarly to how we fixed it on deals, create a workflow that can be based out of activity (separate from conversations, tickets, etc.).

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This feature is requested by many of our customers in the Nordics. 

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Requesting on behalf of a customer that I worked with. 


This feature is needed because "At least one associated Activity has ..." is too limiting and would not work if we want to trigger a set of actions each time an activity is logged. 


In this case, we want to send a series of automation if the phone number provided is wrong. 

Please look into this! Thank you. 


This would benefit telemarketing departments for an example.


Right now if a customer cancelles a meeting you can only trigger a workflow to notify the salesperson. But the next time it wont work because of no re-enrollment.


Hello - 


Putting in a feature enhancement of being able to build automations/workflows based on activities. 


For example:

Enrollment trigger = Activity outcome is XXXX 



Create task and assign to activity owner 



Enrollment trigger = latest activity date = xx/xx/xxxx



Copy to company property "Latest Meeting Date" 

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Hi @APrzybyla 


What exactly are you looking for?

You can already use activity properties in contact workflows as well as various activities associated with other objects, like comanies and deals.

Screenshot 2023-01-07 at 10.25.35.png

Is that what you are looking for?




Who needs to see this to make this happen? At this point, this looks like a selfish attempt to mitigate server resources. We need this functionality even if we need to pay for it like zapier.  Ive spent over 15 hours working on a solution to trigger field updates off of call dispositions because there is no real workflow system that works with activities.  


Yes, this is absoultely needed!