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Active lists to capture contacts who interact with campaign assets

Would be great if within the list tool, especially active lists, that we have a filter to capture any contact who has ever interacted with our certain campaign assets.


The goal here is to be able to slice and dice the information captured via this active list for reporting purposes via dashboards. At the moment, the only possible way to do this is by "Use in a list" on the influence contacts feature under the campaign tool and that's even a static list.

Practical use case

We'd like to show our commercial team in a dashboard anyone who has ever interacted with our Sustainability campaign segmented by their parent (key) accounts or deal stage. To be able to get the most current data, an active list is required for this. List membership filter under the report creation would then be combined with other contact or deal related filters and so we can create customized reports for our relevant stakeholders (in this case the commercial team)

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+1. It would very useful to add "Influenced contacts" filter to use it in Lists, Views, Reports...


100% agree. This would also be a helpful metric to influence the Hubspot Score. It will be able to provide the sales pipeline with more rich information!