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Account-wide marketing email exclusion lists / suppression lists

Hello product team,


It would be great if it was possible to exclude contact lists from all marketing emails in a HubSpot portal (or business unit). For example, instead of excluding a contact list from email 1, 2, and 3 each (manually), this could be a setting under Settings > Marketing > Email where a global suppression list could be applied.


Use cases:

  • Excluding competitors from all marketing emails (via an active contact lists that filters for email domains), thus preventing them from accessing gated content
  • Excluding third party spammers (e.g. to "grab" email templates and use them for fraud


Thanks in advance!

4 Replies

Yes please this is a super important feature!


Especially for deliverability reasons. If we need to suddenly supress quaratined contacts from email acitivty etc.


Yes please, this would be a very important feature for us, especially when creating a global control group, to be able to exclude them automatically from everything, instead of doing it manually campaign per campaign.


This idea would be SO helpful! We send mulitple emails a month and this would remove the worry of making sure our few exclusion lists are adding to each email push.


Agreed, this would be very helpful for our organization!