Accessing Smart Rule Analytics on Email


I recently sent an email using the subject line Smart Rule and used 5 different smart rules for the subject line, and now I am looking in the email analytics but they don't show up there.  I think it would be smarter and more accessible to show them almost like an A/B testing and show the separate smart rules and how they performed with the audience the emails were sent to.  I would love to be able to go in and see the clicks and opens like a normal email analytic page.  


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I just came across a similar issue. Implemented a few smart rules in an automated email, but I can only see the performance of the default content. 

I believe the analytics (like "Top Clicked Links") reports on the email in total (including the smart content), the click map only shows me the default content and there is no option for me to see the other variations of the email. 

This would be a fantastic and super helpful feature, dear Hubspot team!