Access to Opt Out and Bounce reason data

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Hubspot contact properties do not provide stats for the following

Opted out date

Bounce date

Bounce status - Hard / Soft

Reason for bounce


These details are available in the API, then why not on Hubspot. It would be massively useful to have this on Hubspot.

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I agree.  On the contact record/timeline, the UI should show the bounce TYPE and REASON.  Instead, I have to click into each email, then search for the contact, then look at their bounce type and reason.  Seems this should be a no brainer to add.


ron_kagan In Search of Ponies
In Search of Ponies

Yes, completely agree! This is information that should be available and actionable just as described.

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YESSSSS! I would like to run workflows/trigger alerts so we can investigate/research/reach out. VERY annoying not to have access to this info. 

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This would be a fantastic property to be able to filter against!