Access to Lists - HubSpot Sales (CRM) for HubSpot Marketing Clients


Salespeople need access to Contact Lists. 

perhaps not all of them, but this isn't a big deal. 


Without granting full HubSpot Marketing priviledges, I woudl like HubSpot Sales users to be able to access listss... add, delete, update and see what lists a user is assigned. 


Want to do this without giving tjem access to things like forms, emails, etc.  This shoudl be a simple addition... they just don't have a pull down from Contacts in Marketing.

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Status updated to: Delivered
Jul 31, 2017

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Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi @mphnyc, this is now in Beta due to the recent release of our new User Permissions settings, currently being tested by our product team! With this new feature, portals will now have the option to create teams for their users. In addition to creating teams, these new settings allow for more granular permissions settings for individual users. 


You should now be able to switch back and forth between these two different permissions settings, but once you edit a user's permissions or add a new user using new User Management, you won't be able to switch back


This gif demonstrates these new capabilities in the updated User Management settings: 



Let me know if you have any questions!


Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team



 @roisinkirby I don't understand why you "won't be able to change your settings back" if you grant someone partial permission to use a feature on a different platform. 


I believe our sales team would find great value utilizing the list capabilities of the Marketing Platform versus the limited sorting available on the Sales CRM. 


If this is just a setting, logically you can toggle your settings. Why is this new option permanenet? 


Thank you. 


previously, we'd had to give the full marketing priviledges to Sales people --- who might screw things up if given the oppty. 🙂 


Totally agree with this. If I want to send an email to 50 of my contacts, without Marketing access, I have to do it manually. It's much easier then for me to just create a group in Outlook. Seems like such a simple addition as mentioned above.