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Access Service Hub Tickets on Mobile App

Created on behalf of a customer. 

Who: Service Hub

Goal: Access service hub tickets on mobile app


It would be helpful for customers who are out of the office and don't have access to a laptop or computer to be able to work on tickets via mobile device and mobile app

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September 07, 2022 02:24 AM

Hi there,


I'm happy to say that a list view of Tickets in the iOS app has just launched in version 3.306.0 and above. Once you've updated your app to the latest version, you'll find Tickets in the menu in the app. If it doesn't appear, double-check you're running the latest version by searching for HubSpot in the App Store. If it says "Update", go ahead and do that. If it still doesn't appear, try logging in and out again to refresh the app.


Check out this video to see how the Ticket list works:


List view of Tickets in the iOS appList view of Tickets in the iOS app


February 25, 2022 04:45 AM

Hi there,


I'd like to give you all an update on Ticket functionality in the iOS app. You can view, edit and create Ticket records on iOS.


To navigate to a Ticket record, you can:

  • Go to the Associations tab of a contact, company or deal. Existing associations to Tickets can be seen here and tapped to open the ticket record.
  • Tap on a Ticket association from a Task.
  • Tap on a link to a Ticket record in another app on your phone, such as email or Slack.
  • Search for Tickets.
  • Tap on a Ticket Association from a Note or Logged Activities.
  • Tap on a Ticket from a Conversations thread.


On the Ticket record, you can:

  • View the Activity timeline and create notes, tasks, and logged activities. The Timeline can be filtered to show only the Timeline cards that are of interest.
  • View and edit associations to contacts, companies and deals.
  • View and edit property values including status. If you set up “required properties” which must be filled out before moving a Ticket to a given status, this is reflected on mobile.

To create new Ticket records:

  • Go to a contact, company or deal record
  • Tap on “Add tickets”
  • Tap on “Create new ticket”. The properties and requirements shown on the Ticket create form match the configuration you set up on web.
  • Alternatively, you can create new Ticket records from a Conversations thread.

Please note these limitations that still exist:

  • There's no Ticket list/pipeline view in the iOS app. (There is on Android).
  • Not all Timeline cards are available on mobile.
  • There's no way to navigate from a Ticket record to an associated Conversations thread.

Please take a look at the Knowledge Base article "Work with records in the HubSpot mobile app" for more information.

In Planning
November 20, 2019 05:26 AM

Hey folks - Max from the Service Hub product team here. 


Transparently, we put this idea into an "In planning" stage much earlier than we should have in terms of setting expectations with the Community on delivery timing. Broad support for actioning and responding to tickets is certainly on our roadmap in 2020. We will be bringing iterative support for actioning and responding to tickets in Mobile throughout the next six months. 

In Planning
March 26, 2019 01:03 AM

We're currently planning support for Tickets on mobile.

March 26, 2019 01:02 AM

Hi David, Mike & others,


We're focused on Conversations email development at the moment, we hope to have a Beta release of Email in April for those that are interested. I'll post when I've more information on this.

For Tickets support once we've Email worked out we'll then be looking at that. I don't have a timeframe for it but I'll update here once we've a better idea.




January 15, 2019 08:56 AM

Hi everyone, just to let you know we're planning to support Tickets on mobile this year. Firstly we'll support Email in the app followed by Tickets. I don't have a timeframe for it at the moment but I'll update here when I know more.


Regards Ronan

Mobile Product Manager

October 15, 2018 01:54 AM

 Hi PeteSwan, 


Conversations is supported on both iOS and Android in Beta. Check out this page for more details and how to enable Conversations.

At the moment it supports Live Chat but Email is part of our plans. 




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This is the complaint I am getting right now as well. Our account managers want to be able to keep up with their clients as they have issues. The mobile sales app is great, but I would like some Service Hub integration as well...


can the mobile app be able to log service tickets.  In general any applications that can be used in the lap top version should be available in the mobile app.  Most outside salespeople use the mobile app to access Hubspot.


Agreed! The mobile website is not usable on a phone. The app is nice but needs to be able to handle tickets. Also, it would be great if search was at the bottom (easier reach of the thumb for one-handed work).


Please add TICKETS people are getting very tired of not being able to use a phone to do their work. Most of them don't...they just wait until they get back to a desktop which makes for very sad customers. 


The app is completely useless for the Service tab if Conversations (from an email) and Tickets are not available. 


Please make Tickets OR the Conversations available. 


Please help your friends out that aren't in Sales 🙂 




I want to migrate from Zoho to Hubspot. But we are a very small team, so we do a lot of support outside the office, on the way to sales meetings and at home. I cannot make the switch until there is a way to respond to tickets on the mobile app. 


Any update on this? We were told Beta would be released in April. 


This would be super helpful...


This is a key desicion to our company in terms of using the HubSpot system for Tickets or looking elsewhere.


I reached out to support and got the following advisement:


"From what I heard directly, there are no current plans scheduled to bring Tickets to mobile. With any updates at all, the Mobile team will prioritize keeping the Community Thread you shared updated."


This is 100% contrary to what @RonanB  said on 3-26-19.  


Can someone provide an explantion as to why the narrative has changed? Many HubSpot users are relying on accurate information to plan their paths foward. Or at the very least, update the status of this KB forum to accurately represent the status?


Adding tickets on mobile is critical for our sales team. Would love to see this added in as a feature!


No tickets on mobile?? Come on, we neeeed this! managing our comapny is fractured enough as-is without having to add yet another software provider on top of all the ones we already have. We NEED a mobile option for tickets.


This is very important.. we all work in a mobile world and accessing Tickets on the go is so important to fast and efficient customer service.


Please can this be added to the roadmap... you guys at HubSpot are awesome, I'm sure Brian Halligan and Romeo could get this sorted between walkies?


This is a perfect addition to HubSpot in our opinion.  In what we do we are constantly on the phone with clients and hardly ever in front of a desktop for more than an hour at a time.  Being able to access/create tickets from the phone would streamline our customer service even after hours so the small things don't fall through the cracks!   Thank you all for everythnig you do. 




I was extremely dissappointed when I saw this was not possible.

Contributor | Diamond Partner

This is really important. 🙂 Even if we can't edit or create tickets in the app, we need the ability for the field team to be able to see that there are tickets associated with the company/contact. That way they can know everything that is going on before they enter. 

Having the ability to edit, send emails from, or add notes via the mobile app would also be outstanding as well. Thank you!


Hello HubSpot?  Please update the forum on the status of the mobile app updates.  Didn't see anything at Inbound to support any good news towards HubSpot being mobile enabled; and can't get any updates from our account consultant.  Extremely disappointing.


This feature is much needed to allow staff in the field to offer the best service to clients. 


Absolutley necessary. Please add.


Please add the ability to add and manage tickets in your mobile app.  It would also be very useful if I could copy text such as email body or addresses to use with other mobile software.