Access Service Hub Tickets on Mobile App

Created on behalf of a customer. 

Who: Service Hub

Goal: Access service hub tickets on mobile app


It would be helpful for customers who are out of the office and don't have access to a laptop or computer to be able to work on tickets via mobile device and mobile app

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that would very helpful

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Is there any update on when this will be available? 

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If you read the thread, carinAL , and register the non-existing HubSpot engagement on the issue, you will realise that this will probably never happen.
My advise is that you find a different system, if you aren't already sucked into the black hole of the HubSpot universe.

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Thanks @LH66 . I chimed into get notified of updates to the chain 9as their didn't appear to be a notification option without posting), but yes, I noticed the long history on this as well as some other things that we ideally need.  I am indeed working through right now whether we continue with HubSpot despite its limitations or shift gears before we get too deep. 

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There were previous responses here from HubSpot support indicating support of Tickets on the mobile app was coming...but that message was over a year ago.  Any update?!!

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Excellent idea!


I have engineers out in the field that have job sheets that are directly related to the Tickets we create for them within HubSpot.


This would save an enormous amount of time whilst on site.


Fingers Crossed!

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How long we will have to wait for this feature ? 

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Funcionário da Hubspot

Hi everyone,  

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this thread. I appreciate that many of you have been waiting for this feature. To better understand exactly what functionality you’re looking for on mobile, please take a few moments to fill out this survey. It will be very helpful to our team!


Jocelyn Bellas
UX Researcher- HubSpot Product Team


We just purchased the Hubspot starter edition with near future plans on the Pro version.  We just assumed that all these main apps would be available in the mobile app!  It definitely throws our plans off a bit.  Or techs will have to use sales leads now to track service items as they won't be able to view in the field and on the go otherwise.   


The other areas seem to work so well in mobile (sales, contacts etc) I'm wondering why the service area wouldn't be the same?


Hope it comes soon for sure!  It feels a little disjointed to use the sales / deals area for service ticket tracking just to be able to view it on mobile Língua do Smiley   Other than that, the product has been great so far!  We are newer to CRM's in general and aside from the missing tickets in mobile issue the product seems very nice.

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I filled up the survey yesterday. Wondering whether it will happen this year ? 

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This would be a great functionality! We have technical service teams that need this ability to manage and update tickets. Through the app would be ideal. I filled out the survey.