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Access Service Hub Tickets on Mobile App

Created on behalf of a customer. 

Who: Service Hub

Goal: Access service hub tickets on mobile app


It would be helpful for customers who are out of the office and don't have access to a laptop or computer to be able to work on tickets via mobile device and mobile app

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Thank you for the detailed update and it's nice to see some progress on iOS. However I think I speak for many people in this forum when I say the lack of a ticket list in the mobile app is a massive oversight and makes many of the features you've pointed out next to useless for someone on the go. Most service techs and teams deal with issues, not contacts (that's secondary to them issue) and the issue is a ticket and it needs notifications when one comes in or an update to one comes in. My entire team on the desktop have the ticket list open all day sorted by last replies and prioritise their day based on this. With no ticket list that can do this in the mobile app, the app is still tedious and functionally challenged when it comes to issue management. You need a dedicated ticket list, you need to be able to sort it, you need to be able to click into a ticket and respond to one and set/change status and pipeline as needed. These are not hard concepts and for the life of me I can't work out why you guys have spent time delivering the features you've listed and not at least done the basics. Every other major service desk system has this in their apps and you guys are still fluffing around this problem from the angle of a contact record - your fundamental logic is wrong and you need to change it if we can ever expect to see the HubSpot service management tool in the HubSpot app be of any use to anyone that deals with tickets as their job. 


I agree the solution isn't a real solution. It would be nice to hear an updated timeline instead of workarounds. Is there a new date other than 2020?




Agree. It is so strange that tickets cannot be approached [all of them] directly from the app. I feel iOS is a "stepdaughter" rather than a lovely child. (((


Dear Hubspot, 


Is there any expected timeframe as to when IOS users will be able to access the Service Hub on Mobile? 
Is cruitial to our business and likely many others. 


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It is critical, in my field, to be able to respond via email to tickets in the mobile app. 

Seeing this feature implemented would be a game changer.


Any updates on this? This is mission critical for so many users, I'm shocked to see this thread is 4 years long.


We couldn't wait any longer and built our own Ticketing system in an App that pulls the data from Hubspot. You can buy it for your company if you want, but it's specific for the solar industry: 


It's available in the Hubspot App Market:



We prefer a very simple ticket interface.  The use case for us is that our service techs in the field use zendesk support on their tablets to review and close open tickets.  They don't need full access to all the functionality of the hubspot.  They just need to see the tickets and review the relevant info.  We recently moved over to hubspot and not having that simple interface for our field staff is a big negative.  Think about our plubmers and electricians.  When the office sends them out on a service call they want to look up all the electric tickets in a given home and review with the customer.  All the other features of huspot bog them down.


This would be a great feature for teams that use the ticketing system on the go and for filling out information in the moment. We currently have our teams working out of the browser version to view and edit tickets if they are out in the field.

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Hi there,


I'm happy to say that a list view of Tickets in the iOS app has just launched in version 3.306.0 and above. Once you've updated your app to the latest version, you'll find Tickets in the menu in the app. If it doesn't appear, double-check you're running the latest version by searching for HubSpot in the App Store. If it says "Update", go ahead and do that. If it still doesn't appear, try logging in and out again to refresh the app.


Check out this video to see how the Ticket list works:


List view of Tickets in the iOS appList view of Tickets in the iOS app


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Great job releasing this much needed feature!


Would be great if you could also update the notification section to enable push notifications to the app and to do the same for the ticket property in push notifications to allow ticket info to be pushed to the mobile app too.


Thank you for this great addition! I second the need for push notifications.  I am working around it with email notifications of new tickets, but that's pretty clunky. A push notifcation on the app is a much preferred solution for our team